“Big man” McCarthy vs the Lavender Scare

The “Lavender Scare” was the panic surrounding the idea of homosexuals in the government and military during the Cold War era. Many people who were suspected of being homosexuals were investigated and dismissed from their positions because it was believed that they were security threats, as they could be blackmailed into sharing government secrets withContinue reading ““Big man” McCarthy vs the Lavender Scare”

Lavender + Red Scare

The “Lavender Scare” was a wave of fear and persecution of homosexuals in the United States during the 1950s and early 1960s, which paralleled the “Red Scare” of the same era. The Red Scare was a period of intense anti-Communist suspicion and persecution, fueled by the belief that Communist subversion was a serious threat toContinue reading “Lavender + Red Scare”

The Lavender Scare: Whisperings of Homophobia

The Lavender Scare and the Second Red Scare were major components of Cold War era society and politics, particularly during Senator McCarthy’s time in office from 1947 to 1957. McCarthy is closely associated with these “scares” as he popularized them both as well as used them for his own political gain. While the Red ScareContinue reading “The Lavender Scare: Whisperings of Homophobia”

The Lavender Scare

The Lavender Scare began in the 1950s. The scare consisted of the removal of homosexuals from holding government jobs. Government agencies monitored/persecuted persons who were or were suspected of being homosexual. Many people who held government jobs were removed from their offices or pressured into leaving for “personal reasons.” Sen. McCarthy seemed to believe thatContinue reading “The Lavender Scare”

Terminating our Leaders

The Lavender Scare was a time in American history when there was a fear that the United States government would be overpowered by homosexual people. Many people believe that homosexual people are more prone to being victims of blackmail and are seen to be weaker. The Lavender Scare and the policy of interrogating all governmentContinue reading “Terminating our Leaders”

Blog Week: 3

The “Lavender Scare” refers to a witch-hunt and persecution of homosexuals in the United States during the 1950s, which was contemporaneous with the better-known “Red Scare” of anti-communist fear-mongering. The Lavender Scare was motivated by a belief that gay people, like Communist sympathizers, posed a threat to American values and national security. This belief wasContinue reading “Blog Week: 3”

The Purge: Cold War politics

The lavender scare was a movement that attacked homosexuality in the United States post-war era. It has initially targeted federal officials who identify as homosexual or even suspected to have other sexual orientations. However, the lavender scare is highly linked to the red scare which simultaneously occurred after the second world war. Some officials haveContinue reading “The Purge: Cold War politics”