Civil Rights in more than just the South

Civil Rights Movement, the continuous fight to abolish discrimination, segregation, and inequality in America’s south. Through both peaceful and violent protests, the south was flooded with sit-ins, boycotts, and marches. In history books, this is how we learned about the Civil Rights Movement throughout the 50s and 60s, but what about the North? Or evenContinue reading “Civil Rights in more than just the South”

Cold War in our Backyard

During the Cold War Era, there was more build-up of defense rather than fighting. Throughout the Nuclear Arms Race, there was never a full attack but with the constant testing, there was always a drive to have better and more advanced nuclear power than the other countries. In 1957 the space race was initiated. TheContinue reading “Cold War in our Backyard”

Terminating our Leaders

The Lavender Scare was a time in American history when there was a fear that the United States government would be overpowered by homosexual people. Many people believe that homosexual people are more prone to being victims of blackmail and are seen to be weaker. The Lavender Scare and the policy of interrogating all governmentContinue reading “Terminating our Leaders”

The Government vs the governed

On behalf of the governed but without the consent of the governed. That is how our government runs, they make decisions -poor decisions at that- and deny any action that has been made. At the end of the second World War, the United States government fought to keep the spreading of communism’s domino effect atContinue reading “The Government vs the governed”