The Vietnam War: why Americans are angry?

American troops were sent to Vietnam in 1968. The war was highly controversial and led to protests and social unrest in the US. In 1973, a peace agreement was signed and US troops were withdrawn. The war officially ended in 1975 with the fall of Saigon to North Vietnamese forces. Christian Appy has described theContinue reading “The Vietnam War: why Americans are angry?”

What we don’t know about the North!

Northern cities such as New York City have been the center for civil rights struggles, providing a platform for activists to voice their calls for justice and equality. From the peaceful protests of the Stonewall Riots to the large-scale Black Lives Matter movement demonstrations. With the help of organizations like the NAACP, local activists haveContinue reading “What we don’t know about the North!”

American Women: Cold War era

The cold war era had been marked in the United States as a period of social turmoil. The main social issues were highly centered around gender roles and mainly women’s roles. The role of American women post-war era was incredibly critical and controversial.  The idea of “domestic containment”, derived from the containment policy under theContinue reading “American Women: Cold War era”

South Dakota on the Cold War

The Minuteman Missile are land-based nuclear arsenals that were deployed in the United States during the 1960s. These underground launch control sites represented the evolution of technical achievements and the nuclear strength of the US in its fight against the communist subversion.  According to the article Missiles and Memory by Heefner, Two of the bestContinue reading “South Dakota on the Cold War”

The Purge: Cold War politics

The lavender scare was a movement that attacked homosexuality in the United States post-war era. It has initially targeted federal officials who identify as homosexual or even suspected to have other sexual orientations. However, the lavender scare is highly linked to the red scare which simultaneously occurred after the second world war. Some officials haveContinue reading “The Purge: Cold War politics”

Is National Security a wartime measure?

The National Security State was established under the 1947 National Security Act during the cold war. The National Security State was built upon an interest in protecting the territories and the people from potential attacks and threats. This concept of national security was expanded after the second world war. “The Truman Doctrine” set the beginningContinue reading “Is National Security a wartime measure?”