Blogpost #6

Christian Appy argues that the Vietnam War was a “working-class war” due to the fact that approximately 80% of Americans who served in the war came from working-class and poor families (McMahon, 2007). At the same time Appy asserted that many aspects of American society such as the draft, public schools and the American jobContinue reading “Blogpost #6”

The Working Class on the frontlines

In MacMahons reading, “Americans in Combat,” there are two essays written by Jerald R DeGroot and Christian Appy. These two historians write about the US soldiers during the Vietnam war along with the discriminations between social classes and the overall low morale the Americans had for the war. In his writing, Christian Appy goes intoContinue reading “The Working Class on the frontlines”

Civil Rights Movement Vs The North

Every student remembers learning about the Civil Rights Movement in history class. The Civil Rights Movement was a social movement during the 1950s and 1960s, whose goal was to eliminate racial discrimination and segregation that was happening throughout the United States. Schools, buses, restaurants, and even drinking fountains were all segregated areas throughout the south.Continue reading “Civil Rights Movement Vs The North”

Racial Segregation in the North

During the 1960s, the social rights movement brought with it laws to prevent racial segregation in the American South. The previous Jim Crow laws were abolished and African Americans were granted their freedom from their previous white oppressors. However while some believe that segregation was simply a Southern Issue, many fail to realize that racialContinue reading “Racial Segregation in the North”

Racist Liberals?

Racial discrimination was not uniquely a regional problem in the South. Racial segregation was and continues to be a problem throughout the United States. Although the same laws were implemented from the north to the South, both had ways to avoid following those laws. The article states, “New York celebrated the importance of the BrownnContinue reading “Racist Liberals?”

Week 5 Blog Post

During the 1950s there was high tension between the United State and the Soviet Union. Both sides feared an attack on their way of life. The United States emphasized the importance of “Domestic Containment,” which was the idea that the “stable family” was the best thing to prevent the invasion of Communism. The “Stable Family”Continue reading “Week 5 Blog Post”

Gender Roles during the 1950s

During the early 1950s to late 1960s, the United States experienced a shift in culture. With the rise in marriage and birth rates, the United States experienced a change in Gender roles once again. Gone were the days of independence and women who worked, their roles shifted back towards more conservative tasks such as beingContinue reading “Gender Roles during the 1950s”

1950s women in politics

During the Cold War, anything that was seen as unAmerican was attacked. As we have discussed in class, homosexuality was a vehicle of political degradation. Another concept heavily reinforced during the Cold War was the ideal nuclear family. As Mary Brennan states in her chapter “Conservative Women and the Crusade against Communism,” the nuclear “familyContinue reading “1950s women in politics”

Blogpost #4

                                                     Landon Thompson     The idea of  “domestic containment” gained support during the 1950’s due to the massive social changes that occurred during the 1930’s and 1940’s, that is, according to the reading, “The shifting realities of the postwar world provided anticommunists with fertile ground to plant the seeds of their concerns. Various historians haveContinue reading “Blogpost #4”