Brown v. Board and the People

Folks don’t often dwell overlong in the exact machinations of government. We would all be ecstatic not to have to dwell in political limbo in regards to such thorny subjects as sexism and racism, but alas. There are surely much flashier, trendier issues to be talking about that aren’t ancient sins of our nation. WhenContinue reading “Brown v. Board and the People”

Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Movement is often depicted as a struggle against racial discrimination that was mainly confined to the South, but civil rights struggle in Northern cities like New York City and Boston’s schools challenge this view. In the North, African Americans faced similar forms of discrimination, such as segregation in schools, housing, and employment,Continue reading “Civil Rights Movement”

Northern Civil Rights: NYC & Boston

When remembering the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, most look to the South. It was there that Rosa Parks sparked the boycotting movement, that Martin Luther King Jr. preached of equality and peaceful protest, and where Black students birthed the idea of the sit-in. While the South undoubtedly played a large part in thisContinue reading “Northern Civil Rights: NYC & Boston”

Civil Rights in more than just the South

Civil Rights Movement, the continuous fight to abolish discrimination, segregation, and inequality in America’s south. Through both peaceful and violent protests, the south was flooded with sit-ins, boycotts, and marches. In history books, this is how we learned about the Civil Rights Movement throughout the 50s and 60s, but what about the North? Or evenContinue reading “Civil Rights in more than just the South”

The conveniently forgotten movement in the North

The civil rights struggles in New York City and Boston’s schools demonstrate how the Civil Rights Movement’s narrative of being an issue of the South was false. New York actually had the largest civil rights protest of the 1960s, although it received practically no recognition. In February of 1964, almost half a million students andContinue reading “The conveniently forgotten movement in the North”

Racial Segregation in the North

During the 1960s, the social rights movement brought with it laws to prevent racial segregation in the American South. The previous Jim Crow laws were abolished and African Americans were granted their freedom from their previous white oppressors. However while some believe that segregation was simply a Southern Issue, many fail to realize that racialContinue reading “Racial Segregation in the North”

What we don’t know about the North!

Northern cities such as New York City have been the center for civil rights struggles, providing a platform for activists to voice their calls for justice and equality. From the peaceful protests of the Stonewall Riots to the large-scale Black Lives Matter movement demonstrations. With the help of organizations like the NAACP, local activists haveContinue reading “What we don’t know about the North!”