Week 8: Class Divide in Vietnam War

The Vietnam war was a very different war than what American troops had been exposed to in the past. It was a new type of terrain and fighting technique that troops hadn’t been properly trained for. Soldiers may had gone into the war with an idea of what to expect, but the different from whatContinue reading “Week 8: Class Divide in Vietnam War”

Ideal 1950s American Women

During the 1950s, anti-communists picked, pointed out, and exaggerated differences between the United States and the Soviet Union/communist nations. In the book chapter “Manly Men and the Little Women” by Mary Brennan, Brennan speaks on how US anti-communists would contrast their idea of soviet women to American ones. Because Soviet women were part of theContinue reading “Ideal 1950s American Women”

Cold War affect’s on South Dakota

The Minutemen were missile sites that had been place across the lesser-populated states within the US. Some of the states include North and South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and Nebraska. The location for these sites had been bought from either willing or pressured [into selling] landowners in the local area. These sites were built underground. TheContinue reading “Cold War affect’s on South Dakota”

The Lavender Scare

The Lavender Scare began in the 1950s. The scare consisted of the removal of homosexuals from holding government jobs. Government agencies monitored/persecuted persons who were or were suspected of being homosexual. Many people who held government jobs were removed from their offices or pressured into leaving for “personal reasons.” Sen. McCarthy seemed to believe thatContinue reading “The Lavender Scare”

The audacity of the government

A national security state is when a country had set up organizations or groups to lead/create investigations into people/groups who are deemed a threat. An example that can be related to the reading of Roberts Deans article, the cold war era. There were tensioned caused be the threat of communism spreading. During this time, ifContinue reading “The audacity of the government”