Week 8 Post

Many individuals of the Vietnam War, argues that the Vietnam War was a “working-class war” because a disproportionate number of soldiers who fought in the war came from lower-income backgrounds. They contends that the draft system, which was used to conscript soldiers to fight in Vietnam, targeted working-class and poor Americans. College students, who wereContinue reading “Week 8 Post”

Week 4 Post

The Minuteman Missiles in South Dakota are an excellent example of the Cold War economy and the “military-industrial complex” that President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned against in his farewell address in 1961. The Minuteman Missiles were a critical component of the United States’ nuclear deterrence strategy during the Cold War. The missiles were intercontinental ballisticContinue reading “Week 4 Post”

Blog Week: 3

The “Lavender Scare” refers to a witch-hunt and persecution of homosexuals in the United States during the 1950s, which was contemporaneous with the better-known “Red Scare” of anti-communist fear-mongering. The Lavender Scare was motivated by a belief that gay people, like Communist sympathizers, posed a threat to American values and national security. This belief wasContinue reading “Blog Week: 3”

Cold War

The “national security state” refers to a political system in which the military, intelligence, and security agencies hold a central role and influence in government decision-making and policies. Often at the expense of civil liberties and personal freedoms. This type of state prioritizes national security and defense above all else, and may take actions toContinue reading “Cold War”