Is it All About War on Terror?

Yes, the things that leaders did in the Middle East were not moral or right in our eyes as U.S. citizens. But the U.S. still found it necessary to involve itself in many conflicts in the Middle East. This led to thousands of U.S. lives lost in wars that we could have avoided. The reason the U.S. thought it was needed for it to be involved was the fact that it thinks it is the big brother of the world. The U.S. thinks it needs to be involved in anything that other countries in the world do. It believes it can solve all of the problems of the world. It thinks it is the true powerhouse of the world and that no other countries can touch it. It believed to make the world peaceful, it had to convert other countries to a government that was similar to what the U.S. had.

The Empire that was referenced was about the Empire of the World. After the cold war, the U.S. sought to control this “empire” and make the world more like the U.S. This connects to the freedom at home because the U.S. wants to make this empire in the United States’ image. In reality, the U.S. wants to be in control of the world, it may not be government wise but they want everyone to be like the U.S. It thinks if this were the case that there would be no wars and no conflict between people. The U.S. thinks it can do this but infiltrating the “empire” that the Soviet Union left behind after the cold war. With all the countries and people the Soviet Union left behind, the U.S. thinks can make an impact in the world if they were to persuade these countries to be more like the U.S.

I do not think there is a way out of the “forever wars” that the U.S. is involved in. Though the U.S. has stopped trying to turn countries into mini versions of itself. I believe the U.S. feels obligated to try and protect the innocent lives being targeted in those countries. If the U.S. was not involved in the Middle East many more people could be killed or a bad leader could rise to power and cause more drama than there already is. There are not really any other countries involved in the Middle East and the U.S. feels obligated to stay to try and protect the ones that can not defend themselves. So unless other countries start to help as well on the war on terror. I do not think these “Forever Wars” will ever end in the world.

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