Blogpost #6

Christian Appy argues that the Vietnam War was a “working-class war” due to the fact that approximately 80% of Americans who served in the war came from working-class and poor families (McMahon, 2007). At the same time Appy asserted that many aspects of American society such as the draft, public schools and the American jobContinue reading “Blogpost #6”

Blogpost #4

                                                     Landon Thompson     The idea of  “domestic containment” gained support during the 1950’s due to the massive social changes that occurred during the 1930’s and 1940’s, that is, according to the reading, “The shifting realities of the postwar world provided anticommunists with fertile ground to plant the seeds of their concerns. Various historians haveContinue reading “Blogpost #4”

Blog Post #3

                                                              Landon Thompson      The Minutemen Missiles in South Dakota are an example of the Cold War economy, that is, it was a part of the Military Industrial Complex due to the fact that the construction of these silos helped to spur the local South Dakota economy. This was due to the fact that more constructionContinue reading “Blog Post #3”

Blogpost #2

                                                      Landon Thompson       The “Lavender Scare” was a mass persecution of suspected homosexuals in the United States government and American industry that was influenced by the decisions of senator Joe McCarthy. These persecutions of homosexuals took place simultaneously to the Red Scare of the 1950’s (Friedman, 2018). Ironically, McCarthy later was targeted by thisContinue reading “Blogpost #2”

Blogpost #1

  HIST: 218                                                          Landon Thompson     The National Security State is a nation where the executive branch of the government, in coordination with its associated government agencies, provides the federal government with intelligence about actual, perceived, and potential threats to the nation (Dean, 2011). The actions of this state involve the overthrowing of other independent countriesContinue reading “Blogpost #1”