Was the North just as bad?

The civil rights struggles in New York CIty and Boston’s schools challenge the view that racial discrimination was only a problem in the South by demonstrating racial inequalities existed throughout the North. Typically the North liked to mask racism and racial discrimination as a Southern problem, when in reality it existed in both. New YorkContinue reading “Was the North just as bad?”

The little woman

Domestic containment gained adherents during the 1950s to establish what a proper democratic, capitalist American society was meant to look like during the Cold War. To combat the communist way of life, the true “American” way of life was domesticated around the country and centered around the female homemaker with a traditional nuclear family. WomenContinue reading “The little woman”

Week 2 Post

National security state is the United States government’s use of bureaucracies to investigate possible threats or enemies of the United States and then report back to the U.S. government. These bureaucracies were fueled behind the intent of protecting the United States from threats to national security that were continually growing behind the fear of communism.Continue reading “Week 2 Post”