The Vietnam War: why Americans are angry?

American troops were sent to Vietnam in 1968. The war was highly controversial and led to protests and social unrest in the US. In 1973, a peace agreement was signed and US troops were withdrawn. The war officially ended in 1975 with the fall of Saigon to North Vietnamese forces. Christian Appy has described theContinue reading “The Vietnam War: why Americans are angry?”

Week 8: Class Divide in Vietnam War

The Vietnam war was a very different war than what American troops had been exposed to in the past. It was a new type of terrain and fighting technique that troops hadn’t been properly trained for. Soldiers may had gone into the war with an idea of what to expect, but the different from whatContinue reading “Week 8: Class Divide in Vietnam War”

Week 8 Post

Many individuals of the Vietnam War, argues that the Vietnam War was a “working-class war” because a disproportionate number of soldiers who fought in the war came from lower-income backgrounds. They contends that the draft system, which was used to conscript soldiers to fight in Vietnam, targeted working-class and poor Americans. College students, who wereContinue reading “Week 8 Post”