Geoengineering and its impacts

Global warming is not new to climate scientists, nor is the knowledge of the cause of it; in fact, “97% of experts in the scientific community agree that climate change is anthropogenic in other words, directly linked to human activity.” (Geo-Engineering, 0:13)  More directly put, the emission of carbon dioxide created by the burning ofContinue reading “Geoengineering and its impacts”

Engineering Our Earth

The sudden interest in geoengineering comes from the culmination of technology and awareness of our effects on the planet. For many large donors, this interest comes from a place of wanting to proceed with harmful effects with no repercussions. This may also partially come from a place of guilt of being part of the problemContinue reading “Engineering Our Earth”

Laser Cannons and Death Rays

For this week we will be going over Geo-engineering, some of its history, some of its applications and some of the attention it has garnered. The question for this week is why have people begun to be interested in Geo-engineering in recent years compared to the past where it would be a non topic forContinue reading “Laser Cannons and Death Rays”

Geoengineering and Profit

The sudden interest in geoengineering has come about because many view it as a great way to fix climate change while combating political policies and maintaining a somewhat normal way of life for most citizens. As many in America are aware of, people prefer convenience to active change. It also provides a way to divertContinue reading “Geoengineering and Profit”

The Debate to Debate

Geoengineering is a techno-fix. It is using technology to solve the problems that issues within social institutions cause. As stated throughout this week’s material geoengineering is not a long-term solution to the growing problem of climate change. It simply is “buying us time” until we take the means necessary and debate, research, and execute aContinue reading “The Debate to Debate”

Sweeping it Under the Rug

This seemingly sudden interest in geoengineering has been sparked by a series of things. In the video, Clive Hamilton speaks to the history of climate activism, saying that our “Plan A” of reducing carbon emissions hasn’t been working, so the push for geoengineering is “Plan B” to assist in slowing the effects of climate change.Continue reading “Sweeping it Under the Rug”

The Dangers of Geo-engineering

There is a sudden interest in geo-engineering because it offers an easy solution to climate change due to carbon emissions. That is, the general public does not have to sacrifice anything or go through a lifestyle change to achieve the success of carbon storage. I indeed think it is a techno-fix because it was onlyContinue reading “The Dangers of Geo-engineering”

Cutting Emissions = Cutting Profits

There is a sudden interest in geo-engineering for one simple reason; it is another way around the issue of facing fossil fuels as the ultimate cause of global climate change. As technology has evolved over time, we have discovered more and more ways to get around doing things the right way. An example of thisContinue reading “Cutting Emissions = Cutting Profits”