I Hope that We’ll be Okay

We have learned a lot about techno-fixes and how they are a controversial solution to a lot of the problems that face our species at the moment. As climate change has become more of an understood issue, people are looking for an instant fix rather than an entire societal/cultural change. The solutions that are grabbingContinue reading “I Hope that We’ll be Okay”

Messing with things we already have messed with

Those who argue that catastrophic weather changes are imminent are urging for investment and development in geoengineering. Clive Hamilton, a professor at Charles Stuart University, noted that reducing carbon emissions hasn’t been working, and he believes that its time to implement geoengineering in order to limit and slow the effects of climate change. Geoengineering inContinue reading “Messing with things we already have messed with”

Geoengineering: A Solution or Future Problem

The sudden interest in geoengineering originated from fears that “Plan A” (reducing carbon emissions) is no longer a viable option so they began to look for other options. Geoengineering is deliberate large-scale intervention in the environment; it is generally divided into two categories. One, removing carbon dioxide from the environment and storing it somewhere else,Continue reading “Geoengineering: A Solution or Future Problem”

The geoengineering debate

As the years go by and global warming shows no signs of slowing down, the scientific community is growing anxious about the future of our planet and of humanity. Despite the community’s previous warnings, most countries have not yet been able to reduce their carbon emission and to change anything about climate change. Now thatContinue reading “The geoengineering debate”

Geoengineering & Procrastination

Why the sudden interest in geoengineering such as solar radiation management or carbon capture and storage? Is geoengineering a techno-fix? Why or why not? Do you think geoengineering is a viable solution to climate change? As scientists learn more about the time scale with climate change, they learn that due to our inaction as aContinue reading “Geoengineering & Procrastination”

There will be consequences

In recent years  climate change has become more pronounced as the warming has led to higher temperature and shifting weather patterns. Geoengineering has come to the forefront because the effort to curb climate change though emission restriction has failed. This led to scientists looking for a plan b for global warming.  This  ended in theContinue reading “There will be consequences”

Moral Philosophy and The Engineer

The reasons for the interest are obvious.  Geoengineering offers a partial solution to climate change that could buy time to make the necessary changes to curb carbon emissions. This could ease economic pain and some companies could profit from it.   The issues that I brought up in my blog post for week 3 regarding theContinue reading “Moral Philosophy and The Engineer”

Covered in a Cloud of Aerosols?

There is sudden interest in Geo-Engineering for a few reasons. According to the Video with Clive Hamilton its mainly because we have shown that we can’t lower our carbon emissions to the level we need to to stop climate change.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVKINPLa6nk) And the secondary reason is it gives wealthy/powerful polluters a good excuse to keep polluting.Continue reading “Covered in a Cloud of Aerosols?”