Put Your Tin Foil Hat On

Climate contrarians are some of the most mislead people that have ever existed. A popular point climate contrarians make to disprove climate change is that climate science is too young to be reliable. The reality is that this statement is not true. There have been at least two prominent scientists who have published findings onContinue reading “Put Your Tin Foil Hat On”

Practical Solutions Are More Effective Than Extremism

The science is clear that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and the burning of fossil fuels the main contributor to global climate change.  This has been accepted by the professional scientific community for some time. Reidy and Swartz show that knowledge of carbon dioxide being greenhouse gas has existed for even longer. Hall reportsContinue reading “Practical Solutions Are More Effective Than Extremism”

(Not) Your Grandma’s Climate Science

It is simply untrue that climate science is a “new” form of science. Swarts writes of a revolutionary female scientist, Eunice Foote, who studied climate science in the 1850’s. That is hardly what one would call recent. The discovery of carbon dioxide as a factor for global warming was seen by Foote in an 1856Continue reading “(Not) Your Grandma’s Climate Science”

Exxon? More Like Excommunicated

Those who claim climate science is still in its infancy have not done their research. Eunice Foote and John Tyndall were crucial to the birth of climate science as an empirical field of study. Relative to, say, the cognitive revolution, you could say climate science is practically a baby. However, relative to newer sciences likeContinue reading “Exxon? More Like Excommunicated”

Benefits before Dangers

In this week’s readings we looked at 4 papers and texts on past scientists and companies involved in climate change and its effects on the environment. The question this week being asked is if private and government scientists knew about climate related dangers and why has nothing been done politically. For this question you canContinue reading “Benefits before Dangers”

Believe your Local Scientist

In the 1850s, Eunice Foote, discovered that greenhouse gases formed the foundation of modern climate science (Schwartz, 1). John Tyndall discovered in 1861 that any changes to the constitution of the atmosphere would “produce great effects on the terrestrial rays and produce corresponding changes of climate” (Reidy, 2). Since then, countless amounts of evidence haveContinue reading “Believe your Local Scientist”

Climate Change: A Not So New Science

Although climate science and the rapid changing of the environment have only recently come into the public eye, the study and understanding of it have been around for quite some time. “The idea that greenhouse gases warm the planet is anything but new, and anything but unsettled” (Swartz). As Swartz states in his article, EuniceContinue reading “Climate Change: A Not So New Science”

We Shouldn’t Be Downplaying Global Warming: How Capitalism Contributed to Dismissing Climate Science

The statement that climate science is too new to be a reliable field of study is flat-out wrong. As we see in the Swartz and Reidy articles, climate science is a fairly old field of study. It’s no secret that the Earth is warming itself up at an alarming rate thanks to an excess ofContinue reading “We Shouldn’t Be Downplaying Global Warming: How Capitalism Contributed to Dismissing Climate Science”

An Inconvenient Truth

I ripped off Al Gore for the title. As early as 1856 Eunice Foote was performing experiments on “Circumstances affecting the Heat of the Sun’s Rays” by monitoring the temperature of glass cylinders filled with carbon dioxide and various other gases placed in sunlight. She noticed cylinders filled with carbon dioxide warmed more than theContinue reading “An Inconvenient Truth”