Climate Change is HERE

Okay, reading these articles boiled my blood. I find the whole climate change topic very frustrating to have but now even more so knowing that this has been KNOWN for this long. Money isn’t going to save the world. The Earth isn’t just going to “cool down” as our lovely President would say. Eunice Foote,Continue reading “Climate Change is HERE”

Human Flaws and The Faith of Our Planet

That statement is completely false. Eunice Newton Foote knew about the effects of carbon dioxide in the 1850s. John Thydall knew about the greenhouse effect in the 1860s. Exxon knew about the damage they were doing to the planet half a century ago. Garvey knew about the effect air pollution would have. This issue isContinue reading “Human Flaws and The Faith of Our Planet”

Anthropocene, Unofficially.

The question as to who is to blame for the inaction regarding climate change is neither new nor is it easy to answer. As stated by the assigned reading, we can see that ecological studies related to chemistry and thermal interactions goes back to the 19th Century. The fallacy that innovation and discovery enact actionContinue reading “Anthropocene, Unofficially.”

Climate change is old news

Climate science if often thought to be a new kind of science that just started developing, and that it still needs to gather more evidence in order to become trustworthy and reliable. In reality, climate change does not need to become anything more than what it already is. The reason why it is perceived asContinue reading “Climate change is old news”

If climate science is an infant than climate change is an old man by now

I believe that trying to understand the maturity of climate science is a very subjective task. On one hand, you have experiments done in 1850 that show that carbon dioxide does create a greenhouse effect while on the other hand, you have modern scientists still debating what exact effects and consequences this problem will have.Continue reading “If climate science is an infant than climate change is an old man by now”

The Absurdity of Ignorance

Climate contrarians make me more angry than I cannot possibly describe in words befitting an academic blog. So, to keep myself from exploding in frustration, I think it best to move on to the meat of the argument at hand: is climate science too young a scientific field to be reliable? The short answer toContinue reading “The Absurdity of Ignorance”

The History of Deception.

I don’t believe that climate science is young or unreliable. I believe the entities pushing those ideas are doing so to preserve their economic interests and the people buying into those ideas also have some stake in the game. Private industry has known since at least the 70’s that burning fossil fuels causes global warmingContinue reading “The History of Deception.”

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Global Warming

Climate Science is often claimed to be in its infancy, but this is most clearly an outrageously false statement. Eunice Foote published “her 1856 paper about… A cylinder filled with carbon dioxide warmed even more, and, once removed from the light, ‘it was many times as long in cooling.’ She then reached a sweeping conclusion:Continue reading “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Global Warming”