An Absence of Substance

The Scientific Revolution is a different beast altogether from each revolution before it. While the Cognitive and Agricultural Revolution brought about new ways of thinking and doing things that added to the intellect of Sapiens, the Scientific Revolution had an unfortunate side effect: it revealed the extent of knowledge humans still haven’t learned about theContinue reading “An Absence of Substance”

I’m Ignorant, You’re Ignorant, we’re all Ignorant

Imagined orders and scientific revolutions fall hand in hand. The scientific revolution was the gateway to explaining many phenomena that could not be explained. It also opened many doors into the development of technology which reshaped the direction of mankind. Previous traditions of knowledge stemmed from beliefs and assumptions that helped explain the in-explainable. “TheContinue reading “I’m Ignorant, You’re Ignorant, we’re all Ignorant”

The Co-Revolution of Science and Human Culture

            The scientific revolution brought about imagined orders in many ways, but I feel that the most notable aspects are how well they’ve stood the test of time and become so engrained in human culture that they almost seem like natural orders.  The culture that was adopted by the masses during the industrial revolution is an imaginedContinue reading “The Co-Revolution of Science and Human Culture”

Without money and power, would we have GMOs?

The Scientific Revolution brought about many advances and new discoveries, and one can argue whether these discoveries are a part of a natural order or not. Definitive imagined orders that were not necessarily brought about by the Scientific Revolution, but are definitely supported by it, include those orders of empires and capital wealth. As HarariContinue reading “Without money and power, would we have GMOs?”

The Marriage of Science, Imperialism, and Capitalism

The Scientific Revolution differed from all previous traditions of knowledge because of people’s “…willingness to admit ignorance… the centrality of observations and mathematics… [and] the acquisition of new powers” (Harari, p. 250-1). As a result, people were willing to admit ignorance. Unlike the imagined orders that followed the Cognitive Revolution, imagined orders began to beContinue reading “The Marriage of Science, Imperialism, and Capitalism”

Gold and Ignorance: Humanity’s Understanding of a Lack of Understanding

Of all the characteristics humans gained through the many different “revolutions” throughout our evolutionary history, the Scientific Revolution truly changed the human understanding of existence in three distinct ways. Firstly, it caused human thinkers to finally be able to understand that their scope of understanding is limited, and that the preconceived notions of truth couldContinue reading “Gold and Ignorance: Humanity’s Understanding of a Lack of Understanding”

The Plastic Surgery of Ecosystems

Genetically modified organisms have allowed the production of plant resources to expand within the control of the human population. However, while this expansion may be in our control, how it may suffice is not up to us. When Schneiderman came to Monsanto with new biotechnological ideas he insisted that the result will create a marketContinue reading “The Plastic Surgery of Ecosystems”


To preface this blogpost, I don’t recall reading anywhere that Harari claims science is an Imagined order and I personally am still not convinced that science by itself is an imagined order. If there is a quote from the book that says this i would very much like to know where it is.   ButContinue reading “CAPITALISM LEADING TO CYBORG SUPERHUANS?”

Cashing in on Science

The Scientific Revolution was an imagined order unlike any of its predecessors because it openly admitted ignorance of life’s most pressing questions. Pre-science humans were wont to believe that the golden age of humanity was a bygone era. Harari writes that “once modern culture admitted that there many important things that it still did notContinue reading “Cashing in on Science”

“Yeah Mr. White, SCIENCE!” And how science effects us.

The Scientific Revolution brought us into a new circling style of life. Science provides with new knowledge, that knowledge is used to gain power, and that power provides more opportunities for resources. The cycle begins as those new resources feed more scientific research. Harari illustrates this in his book on page 250. This important toContinue reading ““Yeah Mr. White, SCIENCE!” And how science effects us.”