The Age of Ignorance and Greed

The Scientific Revolution brought upon a new imagined order because of its purpose. In previous times, a ruler gave money to priests, philosophers, and poets in the hope that they would legitimize his rule and maintain social order. Science has no interest in power (after all, it was built upon the belief that we doContinue reading “The Age of Ignorance and Greed”

GMO Influence On World Hunger

For this week’s reading we read a paper By Bartow Elmore and the final chapter of Harari’s Sapiens which was on the scientific revolution. For this week I’m going to describe how GMOS may or may not solve world hunger. As seen in Harari’s book you can see how over time scientific advancement has changedContinue reading “GMO Influence On World Hunger”

The Impact of Science on Politics and Economics

The scientific revolution brought about an imagined order which laid the foundation for all modern science. At the same time, this change in the scientific process occurred both economics and politics were also changing. Politically European empires were beginning to expand across the world by installing colonies in all corners of the world. This allowedContinue reading “The Impact of Science on Politics and Economics”

Technology the Money Maker

Modern culture has been willing to accept that we don’t know everything at a much higher degree than past cultures. One of the glues holding modern culture together is an almost religious belief in technology and the methods of scientific research (Page 254). As time passed on, it became clearer that whoever held the mostContinue reading “Technology the Money Maker”

It’s all subjective!

The scientific revolution created two new imagined orders 1) that any assumption can be proven wrong i.e. Benjamin Franklin proved that lighting wasn’t god’s wrath with lighting rods. 2) math and observations can be used to create theories that can be tested, for example, we know that disease is also not god’s wrath because ofContinue reading “It’s all subjective!”

Lets talk about the Villains

It seems we have lived through many revolutions as a species, I really only knew about the industrial revolution before this class. The Scientific Revolution may be the most important revolution humanity has ever gone through, because it changed almost every way knowledge is perceived. The most knowledgeable people before the Scientific Revolution were mostlyContinue reading “Lets talk about the Villains”

The Scientific Revolution

Prior to the Scientific Revolution, it was a widely believed truth that everything that needed to be known was already known. There was nothing beyond what was known or what was considered the truth, and no room for any further research about what was already accepted. Research could be done, but already known concepts wereContinue reading “The Scientific Revolution”

Imagining Capitalism

This new order manifested in ‘imagined communities’: groups of people that feel like they are much closer than they technically are. This is extremely powerful for creating a sense of togetherness and pride for what we create as a nation. These imagined communities came after a period when actual intimate communities grew less common, andContinue reading “Imagining Capitalism”

Sapiens Part IV: The Scientific Revolution

The scientific revolution brought about a new and more complex imagined order. This happened essentially because of all the advancements happening in the scientific field that in turn was affecting society and its imagined order. Harari mentions how science has transitioned from old ways to modern in three ways; the willingness to admit ignorance, theContinue reading “Sapiens Part IV: The Scientific Revolution”