Greed and Power=Homosapians

Money, empires, and religions are all interlinked together because of how they all support the advancement of each other. Money is the base to any empire, and an empire is nothing without it. The same also goes for religion. Money makes people more cooperative and therefore more efficient due to its “win-win” nature, that satisfiesContinue reading “Greed and Power=Homosapians”

Changing the Course of History

Money, empires, and religions led to widespread cooperation across the globe because they were all universal things that everyone in the world could understand. With money, it encouraged more trade and cooperation between people. It also established a common way to measure the worth of products, which made trade easier between different peoples. The monetaryContinue reading “Changing the Course of History”

Joyful Union

By Emily Foss The third segment of Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens explores the emergence of money, empires and religions and how these imagined orders acted as the three great unifiers of humankind.  Following the Agricultural Revolution, humans continued to live in disparate clans and settlements.  Barter economies began to emerge as specialization increased. Exchange rates of different commoditiesContinue reading “Joyful Union”

How did three things that seem to be very anti-unification manage to unify humankind?

            Money, empires, and religions led to ‘the unification of humankind’ because they all influenced a vast majority of people across the globe. As “…empires grew and trade intensified…global unification occurred…” (Harari, p. 170). Money enhanced trade because it is “…a universal medium of exchange that enables people to convert almost everything into almost anything else”Continue reading “How did three things that seem to be very anti-unification manage to unify humankind?”

We have money, power, metal, god, and sharp sticks!

Harari’s words on “The Unification of Humankind” is an interesting count of events from where we left off in the previous chapter. Going from the ideas of the cognitive revolution to the start of the agricultural revolution, humankind has moved from their way of life being based on evolution to now elements and power inContinue reading “We have money, power, metal, god, and sharp sticks!”