It All Comes Down to Three

Money, empires, and religions lead to widespread cooperation across the globe because they were the three factors or “unifiers” in history that were able to bring people together them most. As Harari discusses, these were the first three things in history that allowed people to transcend the “us vs. them” mentality (Harari 172). Throughout historyContinue reading “It All Comes Down to Three”

Money, Empires, and Religion

There are several imagined orders over the course of revolutions that lead to larger-scale cooperation among humans. The creation of large empires was the first display of cooperation of large groups of people. Empires unified people under one culture and identity. “Ideas, people, goods, and technology spread more easily within the borders of an empireContinue reading “Money, Empires, and Religion”

The Driving Forces in Human Unification

On page 172 Harari lays out three universal orders that he believes were the driving factors in pushing humans towards unification; they are “The Monetary Order, The Imperial Order, and The religious order” (Harari, 172). The monetary order is the idea that having a common currency allowed humans to trade goods and begin specializing inContinue reading “The Driving Forces in Human Unification”

Humankind Throughout History

The worldwide expansion of trade was massive to the contribution to the unification of humankind. The Columbian Exchange comes to mind as a specific force behind this. Specifically, money, empires, and religion were used directly during this time. Money was certainly a motivation during this time, and Spain’s collection of gold is part of whatContinue reading “Humankind Throughout History”

Big Swords, Big Shillings, Big Pope

This week for class we read Sapiens Chapter 3 and were asked to reflect on a certain question on how, money, empires, and religion lead to globalization? Globalization is the process of different groups unifying together on an international scale to work together as 1 “unit” instead of being separated by interacting with only yourContinue reading “Big Swords, Big Shillings, Big Pope”

What’s The Deal with Cooperation?

Money, empires, and religions led to widespread cooperation across the globe because it allowed people to rely less on trusting each other and rely more on the tool or system that humanity is currently using. Humans have been and always will be extremely complex creatures motivated by a plethora of seemingly unconnected things. Knowing this,Continue reading “What’s The Deal with Cooperation?”

The Unifying Force

In this week’s reading of Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari  the topic of the unification of humankind is presented.  This takes the form of three pillars that lead to the unification of humankind  money, empires, and religions.  First money’s contribution to unifying humankind can be explained by this quote “ in the first century Ad,Continue reading “The Unifying Force”

Artificial Unification

In essence, widespread cooperation began when similar cultural norms started to form in different areas across the world, most importantly in the areas of money, empires, and religion. In the past, people used trading to acquire the goods they needed because there wasn’t a standardized form of currency. Then the idea of money was introduced,Continue reading “Artificial Unification”