Reality? Imaginary? Both?

Harari begins with an explanation of Homo Sapiens and the sharing genus with neanderthalensis and erectus. However, all other homo species disappeared leaving just the Sapiens. Harari continues to discuss talks about two different revolution in the beginning of his book: Cognitive revolution and agriculture revolution. Cognitive revolution is explained as cognitive demands that ledContinue reading “Reality? Imaginary? Both?”

We Exist Only in Our Imaginations

The Cognitive Revolution allowed for large-scale cooperation because it allowed humans to imagine. This skill of imagination created systems that enabled groups that were too big to work together effectively before to come together into larger gatherings. It gave rise to collective ideas, such as the value of shells, unique rocks, gold and eventually currency.Continue reading “We Exist Only in Our Imaginations”

Our Lives are Lies!

An imagined order is some sort of organization based solely on some belief or shared myths which motivate that population to cooperate effectively. It is able to facilitate large scale cooperation because if said belief system or myth is shared successfully throughout societies, they have something in common to work together for.  As soon asContinue reading “Our Lives are Lies!”

The Creation of Communities

The Cognitive Revolution allows for larger-scale cooperation among humans because the common myths from human’s collective imagination allows humans to work towards a common goal and connect. As stated in our book, “Legends, myths, gods and religions appeared for the first time with the Cognitive Revolution.” When people believed in the same ideas and knewContinue reading “The Creation of Communities”

Maybe it’s Biology Maybe it’s Myth

In the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari the topic of the cognitive revolution is discussed. This allowed for greater cooperation through language and gossip at first. This allowed groups of up to 150 to form and work together. The next advancement Harari talks about is the “imagined order” these are the collective myths andContinue reading “Maybe it’s Biology Maybe it’s Myth”

How humans created their own collective version of reality

The Cognitive Revolution is associated with a change in human cognition that was caused by a change in their system of communication . This change is what would ultimately make the human language different from any other type of language that previously existed. Human started being able to create endless meanings out of a fewContinue reading “How humans created their own collective version of reality”

The Rise of Homo Sapiens

Prompt Question(s): Why did the Cognitive Revolution allow for larger-scale cooperation among humans? What is an “imagined order” and how do they further human cooperation? Give one example that Harari uses of an imagined order. Are imagined orders a prerequisite for science? Is science an imagined order? Why or why not? Harari states in hisContinue reading “The Rise of Homo Sapiens”

The Man, the Myth, and Everything Else

The Cognitive Revolution helped humans to develop new abilities, one of the most important being cooperation amongst each other. This cooperation was due to a development in the human brain, the ability to believe in “common myths that only exist in people’s imaginations” (Harari 27). The imagination of Sapiens was actually the glue that eventuallyContinue reading “The Man, the Myth, and Everything Else”