The Trap of Technology

The answer to why  governments or religions fear air pumps and electrical machines is that technological advancements will often exacerbate any cracks in those two institutions. In reading from The Invention of Air by Steven Johnson  there is a very clear example of this. This is where the  technologies needed to extract coal from aroundContinue reading “The Trap of Technology”

Technology is Easy and Science is Power

The final chapters of The Invention of Air, focuses on Priestley’s involvement in multiple controversies (Johnson 152). He published History of the Corruptions of Christianity, picking apart core Christian beliefs (Johnson 152-153). Priestley’s challenge of religion from a scientific perspective, is not only an attack on a belief system, but an attack on how the country is run. GovernmentsContinue reading “Technology is Easy and Science is Power”

tHe enD iS nEaR!!!!!

According to Priestly “this rapid process of knowledge… will, I doubt not, be the means, under god, of extirpating all error and prejudice, and of putting and end to all undue and usurped authority in the business of religion”(Johnson, P.148).  He also states the english hierarchy has equal reason to tremble at an air pump,Continue reading “tHe enD iS nEaR!!!!!”

Technology and its Complexities

The invention of air undermines and disturbs all that has been solidified. It changed what has been processed and believed and creates a whole new thought on how we interact with one element. The invention of the air pump pumps fear into religion as it dissolves the hierarchy of society, which at that point lookedContinue reading “Technology and its Complexities”

The invention of air (week 2-3 because I messed up last week)

Week 2 In The Invention of Air, Steven Johnson presents three different theories of scientific advancement that have been seen throughout history. The first model is the Progressive “Great man” theory, which seems to be the model Joseph Priestly follows in the book he decided to write about the great natural philosophers of his era.Continue reading “The invention of air (week 2-3 because I messed up last week)”

Disturbing the peace

Governments and religions should fear technology as technology can create power. For almost all of mankind the two institutions that held power within any society were the church and the government. Oftentimes these two institutions were intertwined. This accumulation of power for thousands of years was only truly threatened with the advancement of technology. ThereContinue reading “Disturbing the peace”

Big Guns Could Have Made Big Waves

Author: Devan W. Eastman-Pittam In this week’s blog post I will go over a certain premise made by Joseph Priestly wherein according to what was talked about in “The Invention of Air”, governments should fear electrical machines and air pumps (Priestly , Epigraph). Some of the reasons that were listed by Priestly include the talksContinue reading “Big Guns Could Have Made Big Waves”

The Good and Evil of Technology

Traditional institutions should fear advancements in science and technology because it threatens their existence. Priestley’s quote “The English hierarchy (if there be anything unsound in its constitution) has equal reason to tremble at an air pump, or an electrical machine” gives light to this. There are more concrete facts and science behind an air pumpContinue reading “The Good and Evil of Technology”

The Impact of Technological Advancement from a Luddite’s Perspective

Governments and religions have valid reasons to fear air pumps and electrical machines, not to mention  technological advancement as a whole. The reason for this is that many political and religious concepts are, while founded in the natural sciences, a step removed. They tend to look at the implications of science, whether accurate or not.Continue reading “The Impact of Technological Advancement from a Luddite’s Perspective”

Institutions and Their Fear of Mass Public Knowledge

Air pumps and electrical machines represent technological progression. When an expansion of technology becomes readily available to the general public, it advances the scope and knowledge of the people. Religious institutions and governments are focused on control and like to remain unquestioned. When a new scientific breakthrough develops causing cultural change, the authority and legitimacyContinue reading “Institutions and Their Fear of Mass Public Knowledge”