Is National Security a wartime measure?

The National Security State was established under the 1947 National Security Act during the cold war. The National Security State was built upon an interest in protecting the territories and the people from potential attacks and threats. This concept of national security was expanded after the second world war. “The Truman Doctrine” set the beginningContinue reading “Is National Security a wartime measure?”

Right Idea, Bad Execution

The national security state is the protection of citizens and the economy of the United States of America. Meaning to protect what runs the country and what is the foundation of working America. The national security state is to protect in any way possible, by getting citizens aware of the threat or even relocating peopleContinue reading “Right Idea, Bad Execution”

Cold War Origins

The national security state is a term that is used when a country prioritizes their national security concerns over other issues. For example their civil liberties and individual freedoms. It was created to provide security to the United States from any internal or external threats that may occur. The culture of secrecy is a termContinue reading “Cold War Origins”