The Military-Industrial Complex: Knowledge at a Cost

The age of “big science” was produced by the military-industrial complex through having the US military, US universities, and US businesses collaborate to produce research for the nation, particularly for warfare research. This was a 50 year period that started with WWII and ended in the early 1990’s, which was when the Soviet Union wasContinue reading “The Military-Industrial Complex: Knowledge at a Cost”

Toy guns and plastic scalpel

As Goldwater states: What it amounts to is that we have a big military establishment, and we have a big industrial plant which helps to supply that establishment. This apparently constitutes as a “complex”‘ (p.439) The academic-military-industrial complex produced the age of “big science” through major funding from the government and its flexibility of proceduresContinue reading “Toy guns and plastic scalpel”

Science and War

The academic-military-industrial complex produced the age of big science by the need for technological advancements to suit the needs and developments of war as they continue through history. The military-industrial complex that Eisenhower described also aided higher education and its importance that ultimately led to these “big science” technologies. Vannevar Bush’s excerpt is titled “scienceContinue reading “Science and War”

The question of the industrial complex whose name seemed to get longer in each author’s interpretation.

The academic-military-industrial complex led to the age of big science because the government and military began to fund scientists in their endeavors more than ever before. The government and military became large backers and supporters of science in World War II. Their involvement expanded in the 1900s so that, now, academics and scientists were beingContinue reading “The question of the industrial complex whose name seemed to get longer in each author’s interpretation.”

Military-Industrial Complex and Big Science

World War II was revolutionary insofar as it employed the use of science more than any war that preceded it, leaving a lasting technological legacy. When you consider science as a frontier, there can be found some ideology that echoes that of militaristic expansionism. Though there is plenty of controversy surrounding academia‘s involvement with theContinue reading “Military-Industrial Complex and Big Science”

Endless Wars, Endless Research Money

The era of “big science” was ushered in by the scientific advancements of World War Two.  Because that war, in particular, required a stunning advancement of technology to keep up with the Axis powers, the government invested heavily in research laboratories, industry, and universities.  This relationship grew stronger after the end of WW2 and wasContinue reading “Endless Wars, Endless Research Money”