Beware the Military Industrial Complex

The age of Big Science was produced by the academic-military-industrial complex. War was a major steppingstone for technological advancement, and the United States experienced these changes throughout the span of the Cold War. In an attempt to get ahead, the United States used new technologies to further military might, which caused a mixed reaction inContinue reading “Beware the Military Industrial Complex”

Is Science Our Friend?

The age of “big science” was created by the academic-military-industrial complex because of the desire for power. Humans have always been at war with one another and technology has always been there to support the creation of new weapons. These have always somewhat fed off of each other, but the World Wars amplified this tenfold.Continue reading “Is Science Our Friend?”

How the military-industrial complex divided minds

The academic-military-industrial complex created an age of big science through the funding of scientific research from the federal government. This funding went to both military and nonmilitary-oriented research but more importantly the academic-military-industrial complex promoted the importance of funding both universities and laboratories around the US. Different thinkers and leaders have all had vastly differentContinue reading “How the military-industrial complex divided minds”

We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.

The academic-military-industrial complex is Big Science as far as im concerned. During WW2 the federal government had to take unprecedented involvement in public affairs to win the war. It mobilized the general public, engineers, scientists and universities to contribute to the war effort. This then created the academic-military-industrial complex as the government gave massive amountsContinue reading “We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.”

Bombs, Planes, And Billions of Dollars

After the second world war science continued to take on larger and larger scaled projects in order to match the needs of the rapidly expanding military presence we developed during the second world war. Early on in science most science was “small science” or science funded and conducted on an individual scale. Due to theContinue reading “Bombs, Planes, And Billions of Dollars”

Scientific Elite

Scientific research can only be as big as the funds provided for it. As simple as that statement is, it creates a complex web of relationships amongst many different platforms, those being academic, military, and industrial. We refer to this web as the academic-military-industrial complex and it functions for the same simple reason, a needContinue reading “Scientific Elite”

The Militarization of Science

The academic-military-industrial complex produced the age of big science through realizing the power and possibilities of scientific progress. Largely due to wartime, the United States felt the need to make significant advances in military technologies. Military based research was proving not to be enough, so the government outsourced their scientific research to universities and otherContinue reading “The Militarization of Science”

Military vs. Economy

The “academic military industrial complex” inspired a brand new age of advances in science, and also in the ways that science was pursued and conducted in society. In collaboration with the public and universities, many new technologies were discovered and expanded upon under the general research scope of the military. This phenomenon occurs frequently throughoutContinue reading “Military vs. Economy”

Government Funded Laser Beams

In this reading we looked at the military industrial complex and its relationship with scientific research .   The first question on how the academic-military-industrial complex produced the age of “big science” is answered by the following. Academic research in an effort to keep the military ahead of other countries was given research grants byContinue reading “Government Funded Laser Beams”