CRISPR technology is gene editing technology. It allows people the ability to cure diseases like Sickle Cell disease and potentially thousands more like Cystic Fibrosis. Aside, it allows people to change characteristics about their offspring. The term Designer Baby comes to mind, and it’s terrifying because it’s such a new technology. People are already tryingContinue reading “Crispy CRISPR”

The Case for CRISPER

CRISPER is a technology that allows scientists to edit human genes. Proponents of gene editing argue that it could potentially eliminate genetic diseases while those who oppose it argue that editing a human embryo is dangerous and unnatural. I personally really liked the message of the second article that argued that disease is natural, butContinue reading “The Case for CRISPER”

Her looks and his brains made a kid with neither

CRISPR technology involves the process of splicing genomes into DNA using a natural process found in bacteria the fight viral infections. CRISPR technology opens the pathway for scientists to add genomes that cancel out certain biological features. Many see CRISPR as an opportunity to eradicate diseases, create new medical procedures, allow for animal to humanContinue reading “Her looks and his brains made a kid with neither”

Research for Uncertainty

With CRISPR technology, scientists can remove a targeted gene from the germ-line cell of an offspring within a certain species. That gene would be attributed to desired characteristics amongst that species and could be intentionally introduced into a population in which it would be ensured to have a nearly 100 percent inheritance amongst all ofContinue reading “Research for Uncertainty”

Were F***ed

CRISPR is a gene editing tool where “scientists can quickly and precisely alter, delete, and rearrange the DNA of nearly any living organism”(Specter Pg. 7) CRISPR has many pros and cons. A benefit of CRISPR it that it “could be used to modify disease causing genes in embryos brought to term, removing the faulty scriptContinue reading “Were F***ed”

CRISPR Questions

CRISPR technology is used to edit genes.  It uses the CAS9 enzyme to cut a small portion of DNA out of a gene and replaces the removed sequence with the desired sequence.  This has and will continue to revolutionize biology, medicine, and even wildlife conservation.  This technology, if used on viable human embryos, has theContinue reading “CRISPR Questions”

We’re Living in a George Orwell Novel

CRISPR technology is a gene editing technology that has taken the world by storm. Specifically, CRISPR is a natural process that cells use to alter their DNA in order to combat illnesses. A section of the DNA is replaced and the cell starts replicating that gene; naturally, the cell would create antibodies, but scientists areContinue reading “We’re Living in a George Orwell Novel”

Unreasonable Faith in Humanity

CRISPR tech is a gene editing technology that allows for targeting of a specific set of genetic rules or gene. This means that we have the ability to edit out disease carrying capacity of mosquitoes or even genetic disorders from ourselves. By doing so we could save countless lives, eliminating many of the diseases thatContinue reading “Unreasonable Faith in Humanity”