Eugenics and the Birth of Ethical Cleansing

Eugenics is the science of making sure that those who are deemed “unfit” to reproduce are basically forced to not do so via sterilization. People considered for eugenics include the mentally ill and, for some countries, racial and ethnic minorities. According to the article by DenHoed, scientists in the day claimed that, “social ills wereContinue reading “Eugenics and the Birth of Ethical Cleansing”

Cleaning the Human Race

Eugenics is a way to regulate and modify the population. In the 50s they took people that were poor, stupid, or sexually active or fertile and sterilized them because they were inferior. They wanted a cleaner healthier race and these people were considered unnecessary and unfit. Hitler used these practices to weaken the Jewish people.Continue reading “Cleaning the Human Race”

Separation of Science and State?

The early to mid 20th century saw the emergence of a movement in eugenics. DenHoed wrote that “eugenics gave a scientific veneer to the conclusion that many social ills were caused by the proliferation of the wrong sort of people in that they could be neatly nipped in the bud.” Surprisingly, the eugenics movement hadContinue reading “Separation of Science and State?”

Wake up America

Eugenics was an effort “…to improve the human species through breeding” (DenHoed, p. 2). It was the belief that there were inferior people in society who had to be restricted from reproducing and that only those who are “…pure-blooded…” should reproduce because it would result in a better society (DenHoed, p. 2). Scientists and medicalContinue reading “Wake up America”