How Do We Mix Science With Society?

Eugenics is the idea of “improving” the human genetic pool. This was and is quite a harmful notion, yet medical professionals attempted to justify it by looking to Charles Darwin’s studies. Using biological terms that appeared in his work made the whole practice look more scientific than what it really was — biased. Even theContinue reading “How Do We Mix Science With Society?”

Science in Moderation

Eugenics, a term that was created in 1883 and practiced for many years after, is essentially selective breeding of humans. Back in this time, it was seen as though there were people that were fit to reproduce, as well as people that weren’t fit. Eugenics reinforced that ideal by being widespread through public events, school,Continue reading “Science in Moderation”

Everybody is always fighting about something

Eugenics is a set of beliefs that focuses on the improvement of genetic qualities found in certain humans. This is done by arranging reproductive organs in different ways in order to eliminate the so called “undesirable” features. It’s been used historically to eradicate people who were judged to be inferior race. The medical professionals who use the languageContinue reading “Everybody is always fighting about something”

Eugenics and Ethics

The term coined by Fransis Galton, eugenics blamed society’s “ills” on genetic reproduction of deplorable people. Eugenics was performed through sterilization of members of society that were considered undesirable genetically (mostly based on race and economic class). The eugenics movement was popular in the United States during the late 1800’s and the early to midContinue reading “Eugenics and Ethics”

Eugenics: The Sickening Practice of Forced Sterilization

Eugenics is undoubtedly one of the most sickening uses of scientific knowledge to come about since the invention of the modern field of biological science. Eugenics is the practice of what is essentially “selective breeding” humans by forcing the presumed “mentally deficient” members of society to be sterilized against their will. The progenitors of thisContinue reading “Eugenics: The Sickening Practice of Forced Sterilization”

Science in Disguise

Eugenics was the scientific field of bettering the human race through breeding and ensuring that certain genes could not be passed on through forced sterilization. Scientists and eugenicists would justify this by means of the theory of natural selection; essentially that it was natural and completely normal to try to further the human race byContinue reading “Science in Disguise”

When science takes precedence over morality

Eugenics was a movement to “improve the human species through breeding.”(Denhoed Pg.2) Essentially a movement that sought to have biologically “unfit fit” people eliminated from the gene pool. This movement gained popularity in the US and Germany specifically in the early 20th century. In both counties many laws were drafted and passed that allowed sterilizationContinue reading “When science takes precedence over morality”

The Road to Hell Is Paved With Higher Education

Eugenics is the practice of forced “genetic hygiene.”  Put another way, eugenics involves preventing “undesirable” people from reproducing.  This can include forced sterilization, social pressure, institutionalization and even murder.  Medical professionals, and, far worse, politicians and judges, used the language of Darwin to suggest that the “feeble-minded” would overwhelm the productive through breeding.  The ideaContinue reading “The Road to Hell Is Paved With Higher Education”

Eugenics? More like Ew-genics

Eugenics was the act of maximizing humanity’s potential by controlling who gets to reproduce. The reasoning behind this was that some people had “inferior” genes that would dilute the gene pool if they were to be passed on, and so legislation was passed that allowed sterilization of said “inferior” people. Medical professionals used both evolutionaryContinue reading “Eugenics? More like Ew-genics”