Technology vs Ethics or Technology & Ethics

According to Einstein himself, “masses accelerating towards each other and colliding create waves or ripples in the fabric or space and time” (Cho), define gravitational waves. LIGO, Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory was the first able to detect these waves. This was a huge deal because Einstein’s theory of gravitational waves had never been proven untilContinue reading “Technology vs Ethics or Technology & Ethics”

Oh Boy

Gravitational waves are when two black holes merge creating ripples in the fabric of time and space. LIGO’s equipment advanced remote-sensing and communications technologie through their interferometers. Interferometers are two L-shaped 4 kilometer long arms with mirrors at the ends that light lasers bounce wavelengths back and forth, resonating sound. These beams overlap, and ifContinue reading “Oh Boy”

Eugenics or Progress?

CRISPR technology is a new achievement of human scientific pursuits, no matter what side of it you stand behind. Through the process of utilizing bacteria Cas9 to cut genetic material out of organisms for further reproduction or implantation, scientists have the ability to change the outward expressions and representation of the combinations of what genesContinue reading “Eugenics or Progress?”

Nothing New Under the Sun

I think that Homo sapiens has survived due to their ability to adapt to different scenarios. Since our split from other Hominidae, we have differentiated ourselves by our development of social constructs and abstract thinking. It follows then, that when faced with an existential crisis such as our handling of solar radiation, carbonated atmosphere, andContinue reading “Nothing New Under the Sun”

A little late to the party

The scientific Revolution brought upon a new imagined order due to its investment in natural resources and power. The article gives a good example of the empowerment of nature and natural resources to create machines that demand and invest cultural capital. Banks use money, which are made from natural resources, oil companies use oil whichContinue reading “A little late to the party”