Her looks and his brains made a kid with neither

CRISPR technology involves the process of splicing genomes into DNA using a natural process found in bacteria the fight viral infections. CRISPR technology opens the pathway for scientists to add genomes that cancel out certain biological features. Many see CRISPR as an opportunity to eradicate diseases, create new medical procedures, allow for animal to humanContinue reading “Her looks and his brains made a kid with neither”

My designer planet is better than yours

Geoengineering has become a very controversial topic in recent discourse as it is seen as a viable solution to one side and a potential disaster with extinction-level consequences to the other. The topic of geoengineering has become popular lately as the consequences of global warming become direr. Geoengineering allows humans to manually control the climateContinue reading “My designer planet is better than yours”

If climate science is an infant than climate change is an old man by now

I believe that trying to understand the maturity of climate science is a very subjective task. On one hand, you have experiments done in 1850 that show that carbon dioxide does create a greenhouse effect while on the other hand, you have modern scientists still debating what exact effects and consequences this problem will have.Continue reading “If climate science is an infant than climate change is an old man by now”

It’s all subjective!

The scientific revolution created two new imagined orders 1) that any assumption can be proven wrong i.e. Benjamin Franklin proved that lighting wasn’t god’s wrath with lighting rods. 2) math and observations can be used to create theories that can be tested, for example, we know that disease is also not god’s wrath because ofContinue reading “It’s all subjective!”

Click here if you want to “widen your horizons”

In “Sapiens” the advent of money, empires, and religion in human history has created unity and cooperation for mankind through transaction, conquest, and legitimacy. More than 90 percent of all money is electronic data which highlights exactly how money has created unity and cooperation even among strangers. Money serves as a unit for exchanging goodsContinue reading “Click here if you want to “widen your horizons””

I probably should have drank coffee before making this…

In the first chapter of the book The Invention of Air the author, Steven Johnson provides three models for understanding the history of science. The first model is known as “progressive” or “great man” history and relies on the findings of specific individuals to explain the advancements made in science. This model is quite simplisticContinue reading “I probably should have drank coffee before making this…”