Military vs. Economy

The “academic military industrial complex” inspired a brand new age of advances in science, and also in the ways that science was pursued and conducted in society. In collaboration with the public and universities, many new technologies were discovered and expanded upon under the general research scope of the military. This phenomenon occurs frequently throughoutContinue reading “Military vs. Economy”

Eugenics or Progress?

CRISPR technology is a new achievement of human scientific pursuits, no matter what side of it you stand behind. Through the process of utilizing bacteria Cas9 to cut genetic material out of organisms for further reproduction or implantation, scientists have the ability to change the outward expressions and representation of the combinations of what genesContinue reading “Eugenics or Progress?”

Science in Disguise

Eugenics was the scientific field of bettering the human race through breeding and ensuring that certain genes could not be passed on through forced sterilization. Scientists and eugenicists would justify this by means of the theory of natural selection; essentially that it was natural and completely normal to try to further the human race byContinue reading “Science in Disguise”

Cutting Emissions = Cutting Profits

There is a sudden interest in geo-engineering for one simple reason; it is another way around the issue of facing fossil fuels as the ultimate cause of global climate change. As technology has evolved over time, we have discovered more and more ways to get around doing things the right way. An example of thisContinue reading “Cutting Emissions = Cutting Profits”

Doubled Instead of Dealt With

If there are people that say that climate science is still in its infancy, there are two possible reasons for this. For the first, they might have just not been aware of the people and experiments that have been documented in the past. This includes the work of people like Eunice Foote and John Tyndall;Continue reading “Doubled Instead of Dealt With”

Without money and power, would we have GMOs?

The Scientific Revolution brought about many advances and new discoveries, and one can argue whether these discoveries are a part of a natural order or not. Definitive imagined orders that were not necessarily brought about by the Scientific Revolution, but are definitely supported by it, include those orders of empires and capital wealth. As HarariContinue reading “Without money and power, would we have GMOs?”

It All Comes Down to Three

Money, empires, and religions lead to widespread cooperation across the globe because they were the three factors or “unifiers” in history that were able to bring people together them most. As Harari discusses, these were the first three things in history that allowed people to transcend the “us vs. them” mentality (Harari 172). Throughout historyContinue reading “It All Comes Down to Three”

The Man, the Myth, and Everything Else

The Cognitive Revolution helped humans to develop new abilities, one of the most important being cooperation amongst each other. This cooperation was due to a development in the human brain, the ability to believe in “common myths that only exist in people’s imaginations” (Harari 27). The imagination of Sapiens was actually the glue that eventuallyContinue reading “The Man, the Myth, and Everything Else”