Cleaning the Human Race

Eugenics is a way to regulate and modify the population. In the 50s they took people that were poor, stupid, or sexually active or fertile and sterilized them because they were inferior. They wanted a cleaner healthier race and these people were considered unnecessary and unfit. Hitler used these practices to weaken the Jewish people.Continue reading “Cleaning the Human Race”

Climate and Geoengineering

Some people think that climate change is happening, and they are now trying to fix the “problem”. This has started new research to control the climate and cool the planet. The solutions range from blocking some solar radiation from entering the stratosphere to capturing carbon with sinks. I believe that geo engineering is a technofix,Continue reading “Climate and Geoengineering”

Technology the Money Maker

Modern culture has been willing to accept that we don’t know everything at a much higher degree than past cultures. One of the glues holding modern culture together is an almost religious belief in technology and the methods of scientific research (Page 254). As time passed on, it became clearer that whoever held the mostContinue reading “Technology the Money Maker”

World Empires: The rising and falling

As history progressed the need to trade or receive new products changed. Instead of trading an item for an item and trying to guess what the values were, people now accounted their services to a common value item. When this common value item, money or coins, becomes universally accepted it can be used to trade.Continue reading “World Empires: The rising and falling”

How to topple ancient social structure?

Governments should fear air pumps and steam engines because they improve the efficiency of production. When efficiency is improved it makes profits higher and increases labor efficiency. When profit margins increase the people that owns the business can control the working class by spreading the wealth or appearing to be for the people. These “radicalContinue reading “How to topple ancient social structure?”

History Explained? Maybe Not

The Great Man” model is the minimalistic explanation of history. There are many factors greater and lesser than man that affect how history plays out. The Kuhnian Model explains that people accept a certain model until there are data point or anomalies that cannot be explained. Then a bold person will research until he canContinue reading “History Explained? Maybe Not”