America’s Dark, Secret Science

A look into the development of Eugenics, or the theory that biological traits are passed from one generation to the next in a way that supports genetic superiority over other groups, shows how the United States was quick to adopt the fledgling science. As explained in The New Yorker’s article, many of those who wereContinue reading “America’s Dark, Secret Science”

Nothing New Under the Sun

I think that Homo sapiens has survived due to their ability to adapt to different scenarios. Since our split from other Hominidae, we have differentiated ourselves by our development of social constructs and abstract thinking. It follows then, that when faced with an existential crisis such as our handling of solar radiation, carbonated atmosphere, andContinue reading “Nothing New Under the Sun”

Anthropocene, Unofficially.

The question as to who is to blame for the inaction regarding climate change is neither new nor is it easy to answer. As stated by the assigned reading, we can see that ecological studies related to chemistry and thermal interactions goes back to the 19th Century. The fallacy that innovation and discovery enact actionContinue reading “Anthropocene, Unofficially.”