Albert Einstein got it right

In 1915, Albert Einstein published his theory of relativism. Building on his theory, he then predicted the existence of gravitational waves, a year later. According to him, masses accelerating towards each other and colliding create waves or ripples in the fabric or space and time (Cho). In 2015, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) detectedContinue reading “Albert Einstein got it right”


Eugenics is a term referring to the movement aimed to improve our species through breeding. In the United States, it was used by selecting who would get to produce offspring and who would not. The criteria were mostly based mental capacity, criminal tendency, and unfortunately societal status, often leading to discrimination. The word eugenics wasContinue reading “Eugenics”

The geoengineering debate

As the years go by and global warming shows no signs of slowing down, the scientific community is growing anxious about the future of our planet and of humanity. Despite the community’s previous warnings, most countries have not yet been able to reduce their carbon emission and to change anything about climate change. Now thatContinue reading “The geoengineering debate”

Climate change is old news

Climate science if often thought to be a new kind of science that just started developing, and that it still needs to gather more evidence in order to become trustworthy and reliable. In reality, climate change does not need to become anything more than what it already is. The reason why it is perceived asContinue reading “Climate change is old news”

The Scientific Revolution

Prior to the Scientific Revolution, it was a widely believed truth that everything that needed to be known was already known. There was nothing beyond what was known or what was considered the truth, and no room for any further research about what was already accepted. Research could be done, but already known concepts wereContinue reading “The Scientific Revolution”

The influence of money, empires, and religion

The cognitive revolution brought on more sophisticated ways of communicating. Humans created shared abstract concepts called imagined order. From the creation of imagined orders came out three of the most important elements of modern societies; money, empires, and religions. These powerful forces came to organize humans in groups and control their actions and beliefs. The development ofContinue reading “The influence of money, empires, and religion”

How humans created their own collective version of reality

The Cognitive Revolution is associated with a change in human cognition that was caused by a change in their system of communication . This change is what would ultimately make the human language different from any other type of language that previously existed. Human started being able to create endless meanings out of a fewContinue reading “How humans created their own collective version of reality”

The invention of air (week 2-3 because I messed up last week)

Week 2 In The Invention of Air, Steven Johnson presents three different theories of scientific advancement that have been seen throughout history. The first model is the Progressive “Great man” theory, which seems to be the model Joseph Priestly follows in the book he decided to write about the great natural philosophers of his era.Continue reading “The invention of air (week 2-3 because I messed up last week)”