CRISPR technology is gene editing technology. It allows people the ability to cure diseases like Sickle Cell disease and potentially thousands more like Cystic Fibrosis. Aside, it allows people to change characteristics about their offspring. The term Designer Baby comes to mind, and it’s terrifying because it’s such a new technology. People are already tryingContinue reading “Crispy CRISPR”

Eugenics & Us

Eugenics was the study of how to arrange reproduction within a human population to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics. Developed largely by Sir Francis Galton as a method of improving the human race, eugenics was increasingly discredited as unscientific and racially biased during the 20th century, especially after the adoption of its doctrinesContinue reading “Eugenics & Us”

Geoengineering & Procrastination

Why the sudden interest in geoengineering such as solar radiation management or carbon capture and storage? Is geoengineering a techno-fix? Why or why not? Do you think geoengineering is a viable solution to climate change? As scientists learn more about the time scale with climate change, they learn that due to our inaction as aContinue reading “Geoengineering & Procrastination”

Human Flaws and The Faith of Our Planet

That statement is completely false. Eunice Newton Foote knew about the effects of carbon dioxide in the 1850s. John Thydall knew about the greenhouse effect in the 1860s. Exxon knew about the damage they were doing to the planet half a century ago. Garvey knew about the effect air pollution would have. This issue isContinue reading “Human Flaws and The Faith of Our Planet”

How Many Lions Does It Take To Kill Christianity?

               Arguably, today we live in the most liberal time in human history. Most people believe in the basic human rights and sacrifice a portion of their freedoms for their respective democracies to protect those rights and freedoms. If today we live in a liberal world, then that most mean that our ancestors must haveContinue reading “How Many Lions Does It Take To Kill Christianity?”

The Age of Ignorance and Greed

The Scientific Revolution brought upon a new imagined order because of its purpose. In previous times, a ruler gave money to priests, philosophers, and poets in the hope that they would legitimize his rule and maintain social order. Science has no interest in power (after all, it was built upon the belief that we doContinue reading “The Age of Ignorance and Greed”

The Rise of Homo Sapiens

Prompt Question(s): Why did the Cognitive Revolution allow for larger-scale cooperation among humans? What is an “imagined order” and how do they further human cooperation? Give one example that Harari uses of an imagined order. Are imagined orders a prerequisite for science? Is science an imagined order? Why or why not? Harari states in hisContinue reading “The Rise of Homo Sapiens”

Social Sciences v. Engineering

According to Johnston, what is a “technological fix,” or techno-fix? Why have techno-fixes become popular among political and economic elites, especially after World War II? And why, according to Huesemann and Huesmann, should we be cautious or skeptical about techno-fixes? According to Johnston, a “technological fix” is the idea of using technology as a “cure-all.”Continue reading “Social Sciences v. Engineering”

Johnson’s Models of Science

Prompt Question(s): In the middle of Chapter 1, Johnson presents three different models in the history of science: progressive (“great man”) history; paradigm shift (Kuhnian) history; and ecosystem theory. Describe each method in your own words, what types of actors or forces do each model take in account? How does each method try to explainContinue reading “Johnson’s Models of Science”