Crispy Genes and Unethical Means

Gene editing has long been a subject in science that I find myself conflicted over. Though I wholeheartedly support the use of science to better the human species, I do believe that there are some lines that should definitely not be crossed. CRISPR technology finds itself at the crossroads between the two previous ideas: betteringContinue reading “Crispy Genes and Unethical Means”

Eugenics: The Sickening Practice of Forced Sterilization

Eugenics is undoubtedly one of the most sickening uses of scientific knowledge to come about since the invention of the modern field of biological science. Eugenics is the practice of what is essentially “selective breeding” humans by forcing the presumed “mentally deficient” members of society to be sterilized against their will. The progenitors of thisContinue reading “Eugenics: The Sickening Practice of Forced Sterilization”

The Absurdity of Ignorance

Climate contrarians make me more angry than I cannot possibly describe in words befitting an academic blog. So, to keep myself from exploding in frustration, I think it best to move on to the meat of the argument at hand: is climate science too young a scientific field to be reliable? The short answer toContinue reading “The Absurdity of Ignorance”

Gold and Ignorance: Humanity’s Understanding of a Lack of Understanding

Of all the characteristics humans gained through the many different “revolutions” throughout our evolutionary history, the Scientific Revolution truly changed the human understanding of existence in three distinct ways. Firstly, it caused human thinkers to finally be able to understand that their scope of understanding is limited, and that the preconceived notions of truth couldContinue reading “Gold and Ignorance: Humanity’s Understanding of a Lack of Understanding”

To Defy the Laws of Tradition

The idea that governments and religions should “tremble at an air pump or an electric machine,” is not an idea that is meant to be taken literally. Rather, Priestley’s quote plays at the idea that new innovations in science and industry challenge the conservative nature of world governments and religious authority. This can be exemplifiedContinue reading “To Defy the Laws of Tradition”

Interpretation of Johnson’s Models

Interpreting another person’s theories is never an easy task, but most scientific achievement in history has been made through different individuals’ interpretations of other scientists theories, such as Joseph Priestly’s interpretations of The Electricians experiments in the 1760’s and ‘70’s. In his biography of Joseph Priestly, the Invention of Air, Steven Johnson presents three modelsContinue reading “Interpretation of Johnson’s Models”