Government Uses of Gravitational Waves

Gravitational waves are ripples in space caused by space objects causing disturbances in space, such as black holes colliding into each other. The existence of these waves were predicted by Albert Einstein, which were proven nearly 100 years later with LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) instruments in Washington and Louisiana. With LIGO, you can easilyContinue reading “Government Uses of Gravitational Waves”

The Military-Industrial Complex: Knowledge at a Cost

The age of “big science” was produced by the military-industrial complex through having the US military, US universities, and US businesses collaborate to produce research for the nation, particularly for warfare research. This was a 50 year period that started with WWII and ended in the early 1990’s, which was when the Soviet Union wasContinue reading “The Military-Industrial Complex: Knowledge at a Cost”

CRISPR: Eugenics 2.0?

CRISPR technology is a form of gene-editing tech that can potentially change or even remove parts of an organism’s DNA. This new technology can be exhilarating for some because it can redesign an organism’s genetic make-up to benefit themselves and others as a whole. For instance, scientists in the fields are looking at changing theContinue reading “CRISPR: Eugenics 2.0?”

Eugenics and the Birth of Ethical Cleansing

Eugenics is the science of making sure that those who are deemed “unfit” to reproduce are basically forced to not do so via sterilization. People considered for eugenics include the mentally ill and, for some countries, racial and ethnic minorities. According to the article by DenHoed, scientists in the day claimed that, “social ills wereContinue reading “Eugenics and the Birth of Ethical Cleansing”

Geoengineering and Profit

The sudden interest in geoengineering has come about because many view it as a great way to fix climate change while combating political policies and maintaining a somewhat normal way of life for most citizens. As many in America are aware of, people prefer convenience to active change. It also provides a way to divertContinue reading “Geoengineering and Profit”

We Shouldn’t Be Downplaying Global Warming: How Capitalism Contributed to Dismissing Climate Science

The statement that climate science is too new to be a reliable field of study is flat-out wrong. As we see in the Swartz and Reidy articles, climate science is a fairly old field of study. It’s no secret that the Earth is warming itself up at an alarming rate thanks to an excess ofContinue reading “We Shouldn’t Be Downplaying Global Warming: How Capitalism Contributed to Dismissing Climate Science”

Money, Power, and Science

The Scientific Revolution brought about a new line of thinking for humans as a whole: investing resources into scientific research and observations leads to obtaining new power than ever before. With the advent of this new revolution, science had become more closely bonded with the political and economical side of society. Not only were peopleContinue reading “Money, Power, and Science”

Changing the Course of History

Money, empires, and religions led to widespread cooperation across the globe because they were all universal things that everyone in the world could understand. With money, it encouraged more trade and cooperation between people. It also established a common way to measure the worth of products, which made trade easier between different peoples. The monetaryContinue reading “Changing the Course of History”

The Wonders of a Homo Sapien Mind

The advent of the Cognitive Revolution gave humans the opportunity to connect with others through stories including biblical ones. This allowed other humans to culturally connect with others even if they were from different parts of the world or even different tribes. An imagined order is when an order is embedded into the real world,Continue reading “The Wonders of a Homo Sapien Mind”