Oh Boy

Gravitational waves are when two black holes merge creating ripples in the fabric of time and space. LIGO’s equipment advanced remote-sensing and communications technologie through their interferometers. Interferometers are two L-shaped 4 kilometer long arms with mirrors at the ends that light lasers bounce wavelengths back and forth, resonating sound. These beams overlap, and ifContinue reading “Oh Boy”

Toy guns and plastic scalpel

As Goldwater states: What it amounts to is that we have a big military establishment, and we have a big industrial plant which helps to supply that establishment. This apparently constitutes as a “complex”‘ (p.439) The academic-military-industrial complex produced the age of “big science” through major funding from the government and its flexibility of proceduresContinue reading “Toy guns and plastic scalpel”

Nazi’s are bad- So is Eugenics

Eugenics is “applied biology” stated in the article “THE BIOLOGICAL STATE: NAZI RACIAL HYGIENE, 1933–1939”. In other terms, Eugenics was a movement most well known by the Nazi’s as a way to correct the human race into a more seeable fit. This movement focused specifically on physical characteristics and also “disorders” caused by mental orContinue reading “Nazi’s are bad- So is Eugenics”

Foote’s Notes

Swartz’s article talks about how In 1856, Eunice Foote’s paper about the experiment, “Circumstances Affecting the Heat of the Sun’s Rays,“ concluded that “An atmosphere of that gas would give to our earth a high temperature.” Though her work, such as with jars, would not be fully recognized until later. Reidy’s article looks at theContinue reading “Foote’s Notes”

A little late to the party

The scientific Revolution brought upon a new imagined order due to its investment in natural resources and power. The article gives a good example of the empowerment of nature and natural resources to create machines that demand and invest cultural capital. Banks use money, which are made from natural resources, oil companies use oil whichContinue reading “A little late to the party”

Technology and its Complexities

The invention of air undermines and disturbs all that has been solidified. It changed what has been processed and believed and creates a whole new thought on how we interact with one element. The invention of the air pump pumps fear into religion as it dissolves the hierarchy of society, which at that point lookedContinue reading “Technology and its Complexities”