Becoming less dumb-dumb led to the invention of gum-gum

70,000-30,000 years ago humans were “just as intelligent, creative, and sensitive as we are.” (Harari, p. 21) How did they get there though? Shortly before humans were sailing across the ocean they were still hunting with primal tools and foraging. Due to one small mutation in the Tree of Knowledge, humans were all of theContinue reading “Becoming less dumb-dumb led to the invention of gum-gum”

Spilling the tea on Priestly’s discovery

Coffeehouse culture is both a physical and mental state in which people are able to come together to discuss new ideas and findings. What makes coffeehouse culture unique is that it creates a very casual environment that allows people to feel comfortable being vulnerable with their thoughts. In the case of Priestley’s discovery of oxygen,Continue reading “Spilling the tea on Priestly’s discovery”