Does this Prove the Big Bang Happened?

A gravitational wave is a hard concept to wrap one’s head around, especially for someone who is not a trained physicist. I am definitely not a physicist, but I will attempt to explain. Gravitational waves are caused by massive interstellar events or a unique situation where multiple black holes orbit each other. For example, whenContinue reading “Does this Prove the Big Bang Happened?”

We’re Living in a George Orwell Novel

CRISPR technology is a gene editing technology that has taken the world by storm. Specifically, CRISPR is a natural process that cells use to alter their DNA in order to combat illnesses. A section of the DNA is replaced and the cell starts replicating that gene; naturally, the cell would create antibodies, but scientists areContinue reading “We’re Living in a George Orwell Novel”

I Hope that We’ll be Okay

We have learned a lot about techno-fixes and how they are a controversial solution to a lot of the problems that face our species at the moment. As climate change has become more of an understood issue, people are looking for an instant fix rather than an entire societal/cultural change. The solutions that are grabbingContinue reading “I Hope that We’ll be Okay”

Put Your Tin Foil Hat On

Climate contrarians are some of the most mislead people that have ever existed. A popular point climate contrarians make to disprove climate change is that climate science is too young to be reliable. The reality is that this statement is not true. There have been at least two prominent scientists who have published findings onContinue reading “Put Your Tin Foil Hat On”

Lets talk about the Villains

It seems we have lived through many revolutions as a species, I really only knew about the industrial revolution before this class. The Scientific Revolution may be the most important revolution humanity has ever gone through, because it changed almost every way knowledge is perceived. The most knowledgeable people before the Scientific Revolution were mostlyContinue reading “Lets talk about the Villains”

That was a Roller Coaster

Before reading this, I never really thought technology fixing was a specific ideal, and on top of that that it was something that I believed in. And then all of a sudden, my new found belief was criticized and I thought to myself, “Do I actually believe in this?” Techno-fix is the idea that allContinue reading “That was a Roller Coaster”


The paradigm shift method takes in consideration that eventually scientists will come across a question that cannot be answered with the “tools” that they currently have. Discoveries in the scientific world, under this method, are caused by trying to create new “tools” to solve the problem within the current paradigm, hence the paradigm shift. ThisContinue reading “THE THREE THEORIES”