tHe enD iS nEaR!!!!!

According to Priestly “this rapid process of knowledge… will, I doubt not, be the means, under god, of extirpating all error and prejudice, and of putting and end to all undue and usurped authority in the business of religion”(Johnson, P.148).  He also states the english hierarchy has equal reason to tremble at an air pump,Continue reading “tHe enD iS nEaR!!!!!”

HoW jOhnsON UsEs tHe ecOSysTeM modEl tO DisCreDit aDvaNcEmenT

The invention of air presents 3 different ways historians have approached scientific advancement. The first being a cumulative look, where each new idea is building upon the last’s great idea. “Its origins are as a philosophical method, a way of working through an argument to reach a more advanced understanding.”(Johnson, p.45) The second way theContinue reading “HoW jOhnsON UsEs tHe ecOSysTeM modEl tO DisCreDit aDvaNcEmenT”