Bombs, Planes, And Billions of Dollars

After the second world war science continued to take on larger and larger scaled projects in order to match the needs of the rapidly expanding military presence we developed during the second world war. Early on in science most science was “small science” or science funded and conducted on an individual scale. Due to theContinue reading “Bombs, Planes, And Billions of Dollars”

Laser Cannons and Death Rays

For this week we will be going over Geo-engineering, some of its history, some of its applications and some of the attention it has garnered. The question for this week is why have people begun to be interested in Geo-engineering in recent years compared to the past where it would be a non topic forContinue reading “Laser Cannons and Death Rays”

Benefits before Dangers

In this week’s readings we looked at 4 papers and texts on past scientists and companies involved in climate change and its effects on the environment. The question this week being asked is if private and government scientists knew about climate related dangers and why has nothing been done politically. For this question you canContinue reading “Benefits before Dangers”

GMO Influence On World Hunger

For this week’s reading we read a paper By Bartow Elmore and the final chapter of Harari’s Sapiens which was on the scientific revolution. For this week I’m going to describe how GMOS may or may not solve world hunger. As seen in Harari’s book you can see how over time scientific advancement has changedContinue reading “GMO Influence On World Hunger”

Big Swords, Big Shillings, Big Pope

This week for class we read Sapiens Chapter 3 and were asked to reflect on a certain question on how, money, empires, and religion lead to globalization? Globalization is the process of different groups unifying together on an international scale to work together as 1 “unit” instead of being separated by interacting with only yourContinue reading “Big Swords, Big Shillings, Big Pope”

People come up with wacky ideas

In this week we started reading Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind a book by Yuval Noah Harari. One of the concepts in the book is the idea of Imagined orders which make you think deeply on what choices you are making. An imagined order could be described as a form of group think ideaContinue reading “People come up with wacky ideas”