Living in a science fiction world.

Gravitational waves are the release of energy in the form of gravitational waves that result from the collisions of black holes. LIGO, or the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, is the facility used to detect gravitational waves. This research has the ability to enhance communication and limit the ability to interfere with our communication infrastructure. IContinue reading “Living in a science fiction world.”

Unreasonable Faith in Humanity

CRISPR tech is a gene editing technology that allows for targeting of a specific set of genetic rules or gene. This means that we have the ability to edit out disease carrying capacity of mosquitoes or even genetic disorders from ourselves. By doing so we could save countless lives, eliminating many of the diseases thatContinue reading “Unreasonable Faith in Humanity”

The History of Deception.

I don’t believe that climate science is young or unreliable. I believe the entities pushing those ideas are doing so to preserve their economic interests and the people buying into those ideas also have some stake in the game. Private industry has known since at least the 70’s that burning fossil fuels causes global warmingContinue reading “The History of Deception.”

Humankind is on a One Track Line Towards Entropy.

Money, empires and religions are a part of the great unifying force surrounding humankind. In the early days of humanity there were many people spread out over vast areas all speaking different languages or dialects, eating different things, hunting different animals, worshiping different gods, and experiencing different lives. Today much of humanity believes in differentContinue reading “Humankind is on a One Track Line Towards Entropy.”

We Exist Only in Our Imaginations

The Cognitive Revolution allowed for large-scale cooperation because it allowed humans to imagine. This skill of imagination created systems that enabled groups that were too big to work together effectively before to come together into larger gatherings. It gave rise to collective ideas, such as the value of shells, unique rocks, gold and eventually currency.Continue reading “We Exist Only in Our Imaginations”

It’s just a little Air-Pump

Steven Johnson in the Invention of Air goes to great length to explain the importance of science and innovation to society. One of the biggest ways technological innovation impacts society is through the transfer of energy. As Johnson explained earlier in his book, the transfer of energy is one of the major drivers for humanContinue reading “It’s just a little Air-Pump”

Why everything is the way it is.

The great man theory is the oldest of the three theories and historically seems to be the most used. It argues that history has been highly influenced by a chain of “great men.” These people stand apart from the crowd when we look back into history; their strength, insight, fortitude and inspiration drove society forwardContinue reading “Why everything is the way it is.”