Government Funded Laser Beams

In this reading we looked at the military industrial complex and its relationship with scientific research .   The first question on how the academic-military-industrial complex produced the age of “big science” is answered by the following. Academic research in an effort to keep the military ahead of other countries was given research grants byContinue reading “Government Funded Laser Beams”

The bad idea of eugenics

In the readings it talked about eugenics. This  was basically the idea that flaws in people had a genetic root and could be removed from the population as a whole. It also said that humans could be bread to more perfect versions of themselves. In eugenics the flaws were sometimes personality related and had nothingContinue reading “The bad idea of eugenics”

There will be consequences

In recent years  climate change has become more pronounced as the warming has led to higher temperature and shifting weather patterns. Geoengineering has come to the forefront because the effort to curb climate change though emission restriction has failed. This led to scientists looking for a plan b for global warming.  This  ended in theContinue reading “There will be consequences”

The Unifying Force

In this week’s reading of Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari  the topic of the unification of humankind is presented.  This takes the form of three pillars that lead to the unification of humankind  money, empires, and religions.  First money’s contribution to unifying humankind can be explained by this quote “ in the first century Ad,Continue reading “The Unifying Force”

Maybe it’s Biology Maybe it’s Myth

In the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari the topic of the cognitive revolution is discussed. This allowed for greater cooperation through language and gossip at first. This allowed groups of up to 150 to form and work together. The next advancement Harari talks about is the “imagined order” these are the collective myths andContinue reading “Maybe it’s Biology Maybe it’s Myth”

The Trap of Technology

The answer to why  governments or religions fear air pumps and electrical machines is that technological advancements will often exacerbate any cracks in those two institutions. In reading from The Invention of Air by Steven Johnson  there is a very clear example of this. This is where the  technologies needed to extract coal from aroundContinue reading “The Trap of Technology”