Gravitational Waves and Military Entanglement

Gravitational waves are ripples in between space and time. Anything with mass and energy can create a gravitational wave by bending space creating a gravitational stretch and squeeze. Albert Einstein is largely credited with the prediction and discovery of them, but could not fully detect and find the waves. However, in the late 1900’s withContinue reading “Gravitational Waves and Military Entanglement”

Science and War

The academic-military-industrial complex produced the age of big science by the need for technological advancements to suit the needs and developments of war as they continue through history. The military-industrial complex that Eisenhower described also aided higher education and its importance that ultimately led to these “big science” technologies. Vannevar Bush’s excerpt is titled “scienceContinue reading “Science and War”

CRISPR’s Brilliance and Deterrence

CRISPR technology is the editing of DNA, whether that be altering, deleting, or rearranging, to correct genetic disparities. CRISPR-Cas9 has two different elements of the process. One is the “Cas-9” section that virtually cuts the DNA, and the other is the RNA that guides the Cas-9 to cut the DNA. This technology is regarded asContinue reading “CRISPR’s Brilliance and Deterrence”

Eugenics and Ethics

The term coined by Fransis Galton, eugenics blamed society’s “ills” on genetic reproduction of deplorable people. Eugenics was performed through sterilization of members of society that were considered undesirable genetically (mostly based on race and economic class). The eugenics movement was popular in the United States during the late 1800’s and the early to midContinue reading “Eugenics and Ethics”

The Dangers of Geo-engineering

There is a sudden interest in geo-engineering because it offers an easy solution to climate change due to carbon emissions. That is, the general public does not have to sacrifice anything or go through a lifestyle change to achieve the success of carbon storage. I indeed think it is a techno-fix because it was onlyContinue reading “The Dangers of Geo-engineering”

Climate Change: A Not So New Science

Although climate science and the rapid changing of the environment have only recently come into the public eye, the study and understanding of it have been around for quite some time. “The idea that greenhouse gases warm the planet is anything but new, and anything but unsettled” (Swartz). As Swartz states in his article, EuniceContinue reading “Climate Change: A Not So New Science”

Sapiens Part IV: The Scientific Revolution

The scientific revolution brought about a new and more complex imagined order. This happened essentially because of all the advancements happening in the scientific field that in turn was affecting society and its imagined order. Harari mentions how science has transitioned from old ways to modern in three ways; the willingness to admit ignorance, theContinue reading “Sapiens Part IV: The Scientific Revolution”

Money, Empires, and Religion

There are several imagined orders over the course of revolutions that lead to larger-scale cooperation among humans. The creation of large empires was the first display of cooperation of large groups of people. Empires unified people under one culture and identity. “Ideas, people, goods, and technology spread more easily within the borders of an empireContinue reading “Money, Empires, and Religion”

Evolution and the Imagined Order

The Cognitive Revolution gave humans the biological ability to cooperate with each other on a large scale or setting. The evolution and development of the brain’s learning, memory, and communication capability within the human species during the cognitive revolution gave them the tools for constructing societies. This led to “imagined orders”. An imagined order isContinue reading “Evolution and the Imagined Order”

The Good and Evil of Technology

Traditional institutions should fear advancements in science and technology because it threatens their existence. Priestley’s quote “The English hierarchy (if there be anything unsound in its constitution) has equal reason to tremble at an air pump, or an electrical machine” gives light to this. There are more concrete facts and science behind an air pumpContinue reading “The Good and Evil of Technology”