Circle of Science?

When masses accelerate they emit a “gravitational radiation” through what we call “gravitational waves”. Recently, the United States has dedicated more and more resources towards LIGO, the observatory furthering research in this radiation. While LIGO aspires to develop a detector of these waves that is successful, it needs to be capable of use in militaryContinue reading “Circle of Science?”

Scientific Elite

Scientific research can only be as big as the funds provided for it. As simple as that statement is, it creates a complex web of relationships amongst many different platforms, those being academic, military, and industrial. We refer to this web as the academic-military-industrial complex and it functions for the same simple reason, a needContinue reading “Scientific Elite”

Research for Uncertainty

With CRISPR technology, scientists can remove a targeted gene from the germ-line cell of an offspring within a certain species. That gene would be attributed to desired characteristics amongst that species and could be intentionally introduced into a population in which it would be ensured to have a nearly 100 percent inheritance amongst all ofContinue reading “Research for Uncertainty”

The Relationship Built For Long-Distance

When reading through this week’s material the emergence of eugenics comes consistently from the wrong reasons. Even though it was experimented with in the 19th century, there is a spike in these surgeries starting in the early 20th century then peaking during times of the Great Depression, WWII, etc. Eugenics is an attempt to “improve”Continue reading “The Relationship Built For Long-Distance”

The Debate to Debate

Geoengineering is a techno-fix. It is using technology to solve the problems that issues within social institutions cause. As stated throughout this week’s material geoengineering is not a long-term solution to the growing problem of climate change. It simply is “buying us time” until we take the means necessary and debate, research, and execute aContinue reading “The Debate to Debate”

The Plastic Surgery of Ecosystems

Genetically modified organisms have allowed the production of plant resources to expand within the control of the human population. However, while this expansion may be in our control, how it may suffice is not up to us. When Schneiderman came to Monsanto with new biotechnological ideas he insisted that the result will create a marketContinue reading “The Plastic Surgery of Ecosystems”

Our Lives are Lies!

An imagined order is some sort of organization based solely on some belief or shared myths which motivate that population to cooperate effectively. It is able to facilitate large scale cooperation because if said belief system or myth is shared successfully throughout societies, they have something in common to work together for.  As soon asContinue reading “Our Lives are Lies!”

Everything is Connected

Throughout the book we are able to maintain an image of the curious and collaborative scientist Priestley once was. As he pursued the air pump and different electrical machines it is mentioned that Priestley started to see how his discoveries may defy religious beliefs and threaten higher powers of government. I believe that these airContinue reading “Everything is Connected”