The Government vs the governed

On behalf of the governed but without the consent of the governed. That is how our government runs, they make decisions -poor decisions at that- and deny any action that has been made. At the end of the second World War, the United States government fought to keep the spreading of communism’s domino effect at a halt. With billions of dollars helping aid countries to the east and to the west of us- both in economic and military aid. Over four hundred million dollars was set through the Truman Doctrine to aid Greece and Turkey against the projected Soviet control. On behalf of the Containment Policy and the Marshall Plan, over twelve and a half billion dollars was to be given to the western European countries to restore the lands from the recent war. The United States suffered a substantial loss when the Korean War broke out and American military men were sent to South Korea to help fight the spread of communism coming from the north. Over fifty thousand men died and over one hundred thousand men were wounded.   While America pumped money and military aid into different countries, the Soviets were able to take advantage of this and start the process of building an atomic bomb. 

The United States has the land to test the atomic bombs that they are constructing, but space is needed in which no questions would be asked. Public recognition in the Nevada and Utah rural area is very minimal, tests of atomic bombs could go unnoticed, or so they hoped. This area of the valleys was home to a large sheep population. The bombs could not go unnoticed when large mushroom clouds covered the skies and the livestock had black specs on their bodies. Hundreds of livestock and even the farmers dropped dead in the valleys and fields. Everyone who lived in this area was affected by the smoke. Yet with all of this evidence that was visible, the government constantly brushed it off as if it was nothing. As more and more farmers began to become outraged, by the results of the tests, a joint lawsuit emerged (farmers against the US government). The only compensation they wanted was the cover the cost of the livestock that they had lost, but they had no chance of winning as they were called stupid as if they didn’t know what they were talking about. They were degraded and treated as if they were the ones killing their own livestock, family, and body. 

The government never said they were testing the atomic bombs in the rural areas of Utah and Nevada. Through the national security state and the cultures of secrecy, the governed people are kept out of the loop of the decisions that the federal government is making. Today there might not be atomic bomb testing on our land, but the government will always be involved in the national security state. In time, eventually, they will make plans for the public, but as ideas form, the federal government will not share ideas right away. The National Security States still exists today even though the Cold War has ended. It does not stop with Atomic Bombs. 

One thought on “The Government vs the governed

  1. You bring up very good points in this post. While America is spending a lot of time, money, and resources overseas, whether it is aiding or warring, there does not seem to be that much of a focus on the domestic side of America. While the Korean War is taking place, America is testing bombs on its own soil, affecting wildlife and its own citizens. If I was a farmer in Utah or Nevada in the 1950s, I would have felt I was being taken advantage of. Without my knowledge, consent, or truth about nuclear bombs, I would have had to sell the farm and move because of health reasons. It is completely unfair what the government did to these people. But, I guess America has a track record of doing shady things.


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