Who and How?

Gravitational waves are ripples created in the space-time continuum by a collision of black holes. They were first understood by Albert Einstein, and just recently discovered to be definitively real by a series of experiments that have been taking place for decades. LIFO equipment was able to detect these waves, and created a new possibility for the future of information technology. Due to the fact that such technical and invasive surveillance technologies such a LIGO exist as well as technologies like Landsat, questions of what is okay and what is not okay now need to be addressed on a global scale. It certainly gives more power to the countries or bodies that actually possess this technology like the United States. I think that it is important for global governing bodies to establish clear boundaries when it comes to surveillance technology, or at least establish certain parameters when it comes to who has the surveillance power and who does not.

As well as establish boundaries, I think the question of how this new technology is owned should also be addressed. Who gets to access it, governing bodies or commercial business like Chevron? How can we regulate this?

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