Living in a science fiction world.

Gravitational waves are the release of energy in the form of gravitational waves that result from the collisions of black holes. LIGO, or the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, is the facility used to detect gravitational waves. This research has the ability to enhance communication and limit the ability to interfere with our communication infrastructure. I believe it does offer some ethical dilemmas. Remote sensing offers the same ability to survey and operate with no relation to international borders. First off this is a very new technology that we know next to none of the long term implications of, and second there is little by way of openness with the international community in terms of application and research ability. There is a clear application for the military, however I am sure that more could be done with this technology to bring all of the people of this planet onto a more equal playing field, providing opportunity to communities that have historically been undervalued and marginalized. It concerns me deeply that the first application of new tech we think of is military use, not ways in which we could better the lives of the world population. The last article reminded me a bit of Carl Sagan’s Contact, when it comes to research and development of technologies this novel, written by one of the greatest communicators of science to the general public, always comes up in the back of my mind. We have a tendency to think of the things on this earth as belonging to us, and in turn we belong to nations with borders and interests and national security threats. I think we face a collective action as a global society that relates to this, the plot of Contact revolves around the worlds scientific community coming together to reach a united goal, I think that we could learn a lot from that today. The study of space and our move into the stars should spur us to think of ourselves a inhabitants of the same planet, not members of separate interest groups all with conflicting needs and wants.

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