Waves of spacetime

In this week’s reading the topics of gravitational waves, ligo and lansat were discussed. To answer the first question on what gravitational waves are.  They are space time waves that propagate out from two celestial bodies that are rapidly orbiting one another. These waves compress and stretch the space time around them as they travel and they travel through any object. This leads into the next question on how does LIGO equipment advance remote-sensing or communications technologies. The answer to this is that LIGO advances remote sensing  by giving astronomers the ability to sense large objects in space as long as they are quickly orbiting one another. LIGO may advance communication technologies by finding a  way for gravitational waves to be used like radio.  This would have the added advantage of the wave being able to travel through solid matter.  The final question asked is does ligo present any ethical dilemmas about surveillance or sovereignty.  The only  dilemma i could think of is that nations would not be able to control what would be broadcast over gravitational waves if that is even possible .  Most countries maintain a strict bandwidth allocations for radio and if the technology came around that made communication by gravitational waves possible  then every country could violate others rules by simply transmitting as gravitational waves are not stopped by anything.  The only problem I see with surveillance is that every country would be able to pick up and spy on the transmissions of another as the gravitational wave would be able to be picked up anywhere. This presents the issue that any adversarial state could listen to the private conversations of normal people if they wanted too.

One thought on “Waves of spacetime

  1. You bring up a really good point with the inability to hide communications via gravitational wave. I’m unconvinced that such a thing is possible given the sensitivity of the LIGO tools. From my perspective the Defense Department is just reaching to see what’s possible. I suspect there is not a serious attempt to develop communications technology that uses gravitational radiation. If it could be possible though, how might encryption work? How would one generate a measurable gravitational wave without something as dense as a singularity? The idea is Interesting in theory but probably not feasible in practice.


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