Oh Boy

Gravitational waves are when two black holes merge creating ripples in the fabric of time and space. LIGO’s equipment advanced remote-sensing and communications technologie through their interferometers. Interferometers are two L-shaped 4 kilometer long arms with mirrors at the ends that light lasers bounce wavelengths back and forth, resonating sound. These beams overlap, and if there is interference, the researchers can compare the 1/10,00 width of a proton to gravitational waves. This machine was able to create a wave in which when spun super fast created evidence of a black hole that does not depend on hot gas and swirling stars. Landsat could present some ethical dilemmas in surveillance and sovereignty due to satellites ability to reach a further stance on surveillance from outer space, as well as its purpose in the military. I think anytime technology is used in the military there is always room for concern, especially in the area of use for war. In the area of concern for LIGO’s, black holes are powerful in the realm of sovereignty. Black holes are powerful in general, and I think this is where man’s curiosity could be either beneficial (although i’m not sure what black holes would be beneficial for), or extremely dangerous and if someone was not careful, put us in a lot of trouble. 

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